Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not in the mood

Ufft what's wrong with today. It's not enough that I gave Salama a headache because of my complaints, I wanna dwell here too :P But seriously what's with today.

I woke up like I wanna kill myself. I felt like: Hey it's been 4 months I'm at home! it's getting boring, Dull, OH & boring again. This job hunting phase I'm in is so overwhelming. Agree?

I mean, Okay I get that it's time when you graduate & you have all the time to do whatever you want, until you get stuck at your new career life. But looking back at what I have achieved for the past 4 months. I came up with nothing *tears rolling & sad violin music playing on the background* I didn't even travel nor did I do any of my After-Graduation list. Btw in case no one noticed, I'm a list junkie. I list every single thing in life.

so anyhooo, I got fed up of waiting for replies from workplaces. Going for interviews & doing tests. That continues circle is tiring. Personally, out of all the places, There is this one company that I liked & maybe that's why I'm pissed off. it's been 10 days & I haven't heard from them. I just wanna settle & feel like hey my job is secured. It's time to enjoy the remaining of the vacation. I passed the tests & the two interviews. What's taking them so long!!!!!

& the most furious thing is that people keep reminding me of this miserable situation. I pick up the phone, I greet a relative, I begin a conversation. Everything starts with:

Ha sho ma esht'3altii??

Please "e n o u g h"


Little B said...

haaa laila did they call? :P loool ok u need to get out of the house right now!! & drive all the way to magrduys

A Journal Entry said...

heheh! i'm afraid u'll suffer from that question untill ur employed!

Fastidious Babe said...

lol well they will continue to do so..

i waited for 6 months before i got my job.. how about u start masters? it takes ur mind off things ;)

MeeMzZ said...

eee mo imswaeen a new qanoon ina may6l3oon driver lisence imbacher!!;p

pinkest pout said...

awhh i'm sorry babe but it seems like its normal to wait that long, inshalla you'll hear from them soon.. in the mean time, why dont u take a course on something you've always wanted to do or pursue a hobby :)

sarah said...

you have a very skillful way of writing that makes the reader gets addicted to what you write, and thus is never willing to stop reading. you should post a huge "warning: ADDICTIVE" at the beginning!!!