Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dear Gathering

Yesterday, my friend Shosho came over to my house. We had a very pleasant evening updating each other about our status in life. She came back from Brazil weeks back & I wanted to hear all the drama :P

Shosho is considered my oldest friend whom am thankfully in touch with. We went to the same schools for our entire academic years, but it wasn't until grade 8, when we became more friends not just classmates. & Yeah we live close by too.

One time, she came over to a biology private class with this tutor & I purchased lots of funky nail polishes. I was showing it to her & we looked at the clock & said to ourselves: "That tutor ain't coming" So she painted each nail with different color. Right after she finished, the totur came in :X & for the whole session, she was refusing to take any notes, knowing that he will peak at her nails. Which eventually he did :P

Also, I came to discover Friends show from her. Again, we had another class, so we were watching tv until he reachs. Friends was on TV and:

she screamed: AHAHAHY!

I was like: sho el salfh!

she said: 3ade no need to understand what they say, just laugh with them.

I cannot forget two things about her. First, was our first fight which I totally forgot what was it about! she came furiously & squeezed my neck until I was chocking. We always laugh off that memory & I keep remind myself, Don't miss with shoshoo :P

Second, her grandfather *allah yer7amh* Used to call me: Laylat el 3eed ليلة العيد everrrry single time I see him. He was trully a very nice man.

I could go on & on about her, because summing up years of friendship is hard. However, for me, friendship is measured by the great memories shared together not the years. Always remember that my friends ;)

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