Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So Long

It is one of the things we as Emaratys are very fortunate about, is we are settled in our own homes and cities. Seldom did I encounter someone who moved or commuted somewhere else.

To my own sadness, if all the people we know. Joody our best friend is moving to a bigger house far far away from us. "by far far away, I mean 20 mintues away :P" but still, it counts for something.

We will sure miss the days when Joody’s house was our “second home” after Marina Mall. It was the pit stop before we go on with our daily errands and shopping sprees.

We will miss your aroma around us baby girl. And Abu Dhabi is not the same without the noises you used to make in the neighbourhood with you Altima, FJ and now the Mercedes. God we came along way didn’t we?

I still remember the very first day I met Joody at Zayed University. It was our first semester; new faces, new friends, totally new environment.

I went to the café to order my favourite cold drink Kiwi & Strawberry Snapple. There was a very shy girl standing next to me. I asked the sales lady to get me the Snapple, as soon as she turned her back, the girl next to me, jumped over the counter and started playing with the cash machine. She clicked on all the buttons until the cash compartment went open. The sales lady turned her back at the sound of the “kachaaange” and was so furious with me. “Who DID thisss???” she screamed.

I stood so freaking shocked and scared. And the girl coldley said pointing her fingers at me: “ SHE DID IT”.

I was sinking!!! Omg she got to be kidding me, How dare !!!

Later on the day, I sat with my group of friends whom I remember vividly, Mzmz said” Layla, meet our friend from School,,,,,,,, Joody”

I looked at her and murmured to myself “It’s fun being friends with a trouble maker :D”

7 years later and we all became trouble makers by heart. We just hide behind our black garments and shy faces.

Everytime I will pass by next to your old neighborhood this song will let my memories drift away....

واني مارق مريت .. جنب ابواب البيت

بيت اللي كانو سكانوا ..

عابوابه دقيت .. ما في حد لقيت

ردو عليا حيطانوا ..

قالو لي ما نسيت .. قلتلهم حنيت

قلتلهم حنيت يا ويلي .. للضحكات اللي كانو

يا بيتهم مين قال قادر انساهم ..

شو عنت ع البال فرحة ما القاهم ..

من بعد الفرقا .. ما لقيت الملقا

وقلبي من الحرقه يا ويلي .. يبكي ع ماضي زمانه

Monday, July 18, 2011

Unforgettable Day

“Whale Watching Cruises”

My eyes caught this huge banner on one of the boats standing mightily at Circular Quay Wharf in Sydney. I thought to myself “Wow my star sign is Piceses” it’s meant for me to see a whale for the first time.

In the evening, I checked their ambitions pictures in the website and decided: tomorrow’s morning, am going to have a hearty breakfast of Labneh and Tomato Pistolet and enjoy 3 hours in the ocean to see the beautiful whales.
There was no space for thinking twice here.
In less than half an hour through the cruise. We were in the open water. That is when the reality of the sea hit me, I can’t begin to describe my shock at the huge waves that were moving us up and down. It was behind my imagination. Only a scene of Pirates of Caribbean could resemble the sky high waves.

At the beginning, we were feeling alone in the boat. The tourists were of all around the world, Asians, American, Australians, Europeans. We didn’t feel the need to be friendly with anyone.
As these three hours were moving slower than a snail. People started getting motion sickness.
It was a horrible scene, looking at everyone holding paper bags and feeling extremely nauseas.
I needed some fresh air; I couldn’t bear the sick faces. I managed to walk outside although the boat was moving so fast. As I was standing outside, I realized how people started being friendly with each other, few smiles here and there, some were commenting on my colorful headscarf, and some were asking me where did I come from. It surprised me how the 15 hours flight from Abu Dhabi to Sydney did not change the fact that almost everyone I met there had a relative or friend working at my country.

As I took a cold sigh into my heart, a lady offered her hand to guide me back to my seat. Fearing I might lose my balance. I looked at her and smiled.
That’s when I knew and when everyone knew. Under fear, we all go back to our human nature, to the way Allah created us; nothing differentiates us from the others. We become friends and we become One.

Once our feet touched the ground, the motion sickeness was gone. Hubby and I ran to our favorite burger place Grill'd and laughed off this Unforgettable day.