Friday, June 19, 2009

The 50 Degrees Summer

Swimming classes
Hot chocolate on daily basis *I had to break the rule*
DVD's marathon

Just a few notes from my July/August to do list. Getting back on shape physcially and intellecually would be the perfect summer plan for me.

A lot has happened in my life lately, big big changes. El7amdellah very good ones especially work wise. And I know I haven't been updating like before, sorry for that my dearest readers.
Every once in a while we pass around this phase where boredom is all around the place. Suddenly everything seem dull and blah. I knew that phase is approaching me anytime soon, so I rushed into making lists and filling out my soon to be very empty scheduale. Knowing my friends are also traveling and leaving me alone made it worse.
Wish you all a happy tan-full summer