Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weekend Away

I'm leaving tomorrow with Lolita my cousin to Dubai . We're spending the whole weekend there. WOHOOOO. We're SO excited & our plans are E N D L E S S

will take lots of pix. c ya all on Sunday.

P.S Salama I wish you were here =( =(

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh little kitty

The street cat that found the shelter at our house, gave birth to 4 tiny kittens. So since I have nothing important to do yesterday, I managed to snap 200 shots of them :S they were so camera friendly.

& finally everytime I mention cats, this scene comes to my mind. e n j o y

Monday, July 28, 2008

Can't Sleep

What did I do tonight just to kill the time:

- Organized my magazines collection * those are the magazines I used to pick from the petrol station while driving to uni*
- Watched Noor- Neeran - Dar Al Zeman- Friends- Just my Luck
- Sat Online for the remaining of the night

& now:

If only he's 40 years younger :P dedicated to every Khalid Al Faisal Fan over there.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A brownie

What am doing now?
Drooling over Galler's Juuuuuciest browniee and feeling Oh so good. Healthy food is not working for me , I had to ruin my diet with the brownie at the end, and yep it's worth it. I had a Greek-boring- salad and a Jasmine Tea which was very de-streessing, Speaking of Tea. Galler have the best selection of tea in AD, so much to choose from. Also Cafe de la paix offers Tchaba tea <3.

^ btw i wrote a long post, but it disappeared faj2a :S uufff i hate when that happens. sorryyyy

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekend in Abu Dhabi

I just came back from the movies, and here's my experience with The Dark knight at Marina Mall cinestar, thankfully, Indestructible took the burden and wrote exactly what I wanted to say. Never in my entire life I have seen the cinema hall been so packed with people. Regardless, I said I came & am not backing off I havta watch the movie. people fighting with each other for taking their lines, and it was a pure chaos. In the movie, one lady brought her toddler when it clearly states it's a 15+. The baby kept crying for almost the whole time. Not to mention the bunch of guys talking so loudly and clapping for every move batman does. UUFFTTT torture.

Anyway. I didn't let all that ruin the movie for me, i was actually enjoying the thrill. And to be honest, I still didn't understand the story of the movie 3adl, but just starrrrring at Batman is a pleasure teheee <3>

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What do you want from UAE! I want Chips 3man

every time I ask my cousins what do they want from here, it's always a box of chips. Now this time it was a bit different.

My cousin "Z" who is also my best friend since we were new born, got married couple of months ago, and now she has discovered that she is pregnant. And her pregnancy craving has fallen into chips oman :S I sent her 3 boxes of chips already just 3ashan it don't turn out as a Big chips like-mole on her baby's body.

on the other hand, no matter how long we talk about her pregnancy I'm still in the shocked-phase. I still remember all our late nighters making Puck Cheese sandwiches and noodles. And how crazy we acted in a conservative country as the KSA, we used to drive the Hay2a people nuts. One time I was about to go into the ice rink they have in the mall, just to see what that dude will do. She was money-wise unlike me, every time I go to visit them, she would take my money and give me 15 riyals everyday, she said: I should be on Oprah to teach people how to handle their financials.

Am calling her "Um Firas" from now. But why Firas??

2 years ago, she came for a visit. I had a headache stroke and I was in a very bad condition. My dad rushed me to the hospital and she insisted on coming, holding her daughters of Riyadh book. We went to the hospital and suddenly we saw the handsome-est Muhannad-like receptionist. He was syrian, rosy cheeks mn el bard and hair pulled back with a gel, kinda McDreamy-ish.
I was taken to the room & I was diagnosed with a strong dehydration. She sat next to me reading her book. We were dieing to know who is that receitopinst, what's his name, age, everything. The nurse came and boy was she the most hyper nurse i've seen in my life. Mniii mnaaak we tried to fool her for some infromation. luckily she spilled everything: yeah that's Firas, he's 24 years old, SINGLE girlsssss!!!

Our faces Flashed with a smile and she screamed: "Wallaah en jbt walad la asameeeh Firas, Nathren 3alayyyaaaa ya layla"

& now the name is hunting her, kaifha she made a promise. akeed he will come as handsome as him :P

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

For You

Dedicated to Didi. For what an amazing friend she is. & no matter what conversation we talk about, Friends has to be part of it, whether it's a reminder of a scene or a quote. *Heart* Ya. You are by all means the strongest person I have ever known. God gave you the biggest well to smile no matter what. Don't you ever change that, because it's precious :) & one day enshallah will go to Magrduy's & read your name on the best sellers section for what an amazing writer you are :P

Edited, that's my favorite quote :
Monica: Pheabe, do you think that your favorite animal says much about you?
Pheabe: What? You mean behind my back?

Sick & Tired

I'm drained of energy today, and I feel I'm getting a fever tomorrow :S mee counting on my miraculous Advil to make me better hopefully. I dunno wat's wrong everyone in the house is being sick though. So there is nothing much to say except a little update about my job hunting. I attended a presentation today regarding one of the real estate companies here in Abu Dhabi, they developed a promising graduate program and they were promoting it. I liked it! among all the offers I got, this is the one that looks suitable for me :) enshallah 5air, still didn't decide yet i have to discuss it with my bestie's first.

But yeey I'm happy that i got to meet my Uni classmates in the presentation, turned out we're all in the same stage of career clueless

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pheww , it was o v e r

Listening to: Kathem al Saher- Ha 7abeebi <3
Craving: Benihanna Miami *pout*

el7amdellah. today passed so smoothly, better than what I expected.
The test & interview went Great, the Head of HR was very impressed, at one point she was like: you talk so fast, are all this hyper all the time? mskeena!!! but i managed to convince her that I'm willing to work hard bla bla bla. What really amazed me is that I scored fairly well in the numerical test, and my lowest result was actually in that abstract shapes test :S. For some reason, I feel that "me" crunching some math without a calculator in the past few days made me think in a different way. I feel like I've been snoozing my brain for SO LONG. Even while i was in Uni, everything we did was entirely with a calculator or excel. believe me guys, doing it without a calculator is So much fun. My brother recommends this book & also this about the same subject.

Other than that, I decided to pamper myself right after the interview. Had my nails done with the nicest summer-y polish *check it out girls: essie - watermelon* then rewareded myself with an Indian lunch with my friend joody. Although I've been into healthy food lately and Green Tea replaced my usual latte but today was my free day for everything *Grinnn*

P.S thanx for all the prayers it means so much <3 Mahra, shai5a & Ibrahim: you were right guys, Flashing a S M I LE at any interview and consider it done :D

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I decided to switch to a white background. Dark was kinda depressing for me lately. Hope you all like it ;)

Tomorrow I have a test & interview at a company in AD. and am so scared of the test, i suuuuckkk @ math. I already lost a Golden job offer because i think* i didn't do well in the math test. I don't want to lose this opportunity too. That's why I got myself some books from Magrudy's to help me out. Plus, yesterday I stayed up late until fajer prayer practicing some online tests with my dad and my genius little brother Mansour. But to my bad luck, when I checked the email i got from the company turned out the test will be completely different from the things I practiced. now am So Mitraw3aaa :S

Wish me Luuuuck, I really really need to work.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fancy an egg

How to make the yummiest Hard boiled egg sandwich, Sorry for the lame pic though :P

You need the following:

- One egg
- 2 slices of bread << toasted until crisp & brown
- Sliced tomato
- Light mayo
- Da8oos - hot sauce
- a pinch of salt

How to do it:

First you need to know the perfect way to boil the egg. Watch this:

^ then you can peel off the egg and enjooyyy it. oh no waaait. i mean slice it, and keep it aside for the sandwich.

- spread one slice of the bread with the mayo, put the tomato, egg then comes the da8oos & sprinkles of salt. Cut into half & E n j o y

They're Gone

After a whole week oof baby sitting , Semi-changing diapers & playing Madagascar DVD so early in the morning just to get them to stop crying, they're gone =(
My youngest aunt who came to visit us last week, left today taking her two little precious Kids, Fa6om & Wayweeeee *the boy in the pic* ah I hate goodbyes and akeed not for kids who I adore so much lately. Why is that! Seems like my mind is telling me I should have kids Now!! lol yeah riiiight, where is Mr.Right first.

So I took my aunt & kids almost everywhere in Abu Dhabi & every time it was a joyyyy. Finally it was the dramatic day yesterday when we were in Pizza Hut & mn kether el 7ashra, I Lost my mobile there. Not until i reached home, I saw mom & dad rushing to the car and telling me : Where is your mobile!
I was like: ha !! ma3rf fl shan6a.
Turned out a guy found it but god knows which planet he came from, He didn't know how to open my mobile, although it's not even locked. He was gonna take it to the police but my aunt's friend called and he told her please call the owner of the phone.

I got my mobile finally :D Am just worried if he had accessed my media files, klhaaa pixxx :S i should listen to my parents! NEVER take your own photos.

Edited: 15 July was my sister's 8th birthday. We celebrated with a home-made cake and singing happy birthday over 50 times :bored:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Turkey Fever

I received this cute pot from my cousin Danya. She came back from Turkey. So cuuute. 3ala 6aree Turkey! didn't Noor Show point all the attention toward this country. Suddenly everyone is going there in the summer. Am jokingly saying to my mom: ely ysma3 Muhannad is waiting for them in the airport. No offense everyone am a fan of the show myself :P

I went to Turkey when I was in grade 3 :S very long time ago, the only thing I remember is the major food poisoning that hit my family when they had their grilled kabab. & Kameer the handsome boy who their parents were the tour guides in the city. He was maybe 3 years older than me, but he was so good looking in my innocent eyes *klllsh* me and my brother would join him to collect those huge snails in their garden.

I've always thought that I hated my childhood. But the more I grow up, the more I miss those days.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Daddy is Back

Yeeey finally, after a whole depressing week at the hospital, my dad is back home and el7amdellah he's feeling much better. Still finds some difficulty walking and doing the usual things. el7amdellah alfff anyway. I missed his Chai-7leeb the MOST lol.

On the other hand, today my granny & aunt came from KSA to spend a week here. It's gonna be a busy week.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Who doesn't love flowers! they're the best things in life along with dark cocoa & Rashid Al Majed :P if you love flower arrangemtents, I strongly suggest checking out Classic Paula' Pryke book- Timeless floral design. It illustrates amazing arrangements along with the flowers' ingredients used to create that fab bouquet. Plus, at the end It has a small flower favorites section which lists all the different types of flowers, where they originate from, how long they live and all that. It is truely Amaaazing.

Monday, July 7, 2008


They drive you crazy, but you love them.
Last week, my aunt came from KSA to visit us for a week. She brought her super adorable kids fa6oom & 7asoon along with her. They are hilarious. Fatima is so so talkative, but in the cute way, if she asks a question and you answer, consider yourself trapped foreverrr. One question will lead her to million other question. And the funny thing she fell in love with my older bro Ibrahim. She was like:
abeee atzawajkk. On the other hand, Hasan is only 2 years old but the poor lil kid he is Over-weight. I offered to take them to Action Zone to play . It was funny the looks on the people's faces when they saw Hasan, they were awwhhh-ing the whole time, and others came to squeeze his cheeks, and the philipinooo people who work there were the most to go crazy over him, I think because he does have some philipino features :P 3ala balhm wa7d mnhm.

Personally, I don't know how to kochi-kochi play with kids. But since last year, I became fond of children, especially my little cousins, my friend's nephews and nieces. I have this love toward them chanh they're my own children.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

sweet tooth

I don't understand the fuss over cupcakes. Maybe it's due to the fact I don't have a sweet tooth, I crave chips & salty things all the time, but rarely chocolate. And If I ever do. It's mostly dark chocolate. The yummiest I tried from Armani Cafe & if you dig into my bag, I always make sure to have Lindt excellence thins. Salama my bestie made me believe the whole science about happy hormones coming from dark choco :P
So anyway back to the cupcakes salfah. I only made them twice in my whole life. They turn tasting really good and looking lame :P , lakn non of my family eat it so I thought I shouldn't bother to make anymore.

However, the new thing I am addicted to is truffles. Oh my they are lil sweet balls sent from heaven. Till now I also made them two times, I got the same recipe a la sugar box, so stayed tuned in, I will post the recipe with pictures soon :)

If you're in the cooking mood, you have to visit this website, they have the easiest recipes and you can even transfer them to your Ipod. Wasana or as /\/ say it Anaaasa :)

Try it

It's really cool to try new things, even it was just a bottle of water :P
Recently I've been going back and forth to Apella Superstore like 4 times weekly to get my Oxigizer water. It claims that it has 15% more oxygen than regular water. So since I suffer from constant headache, I was advised to drink oxiginated water as it helps the brain to have more O2, bla bla bla. It's really refreshing when I drink it Super Super chilled.
another thing to try for those who have headache, is Pocari Sweat. It's sold everywhere even in pharmacies.


I have never seen daddy like this before. He barely moved his body. Whenver the nurses came in for a dose of vallum to kill his pain, he would scream his lungs out for them to stop. I couldn't help it. I Wished I could take away all his pain. I wanted to see him healthy and happy like before. But the strangest thing happend today. While my father was being examined by the doctor, he was asking him questions about his neck and knees. Suddenly i felt like I' am phsically in pain. My neck started hurting and when my dad went under sedation, i was too!! weird ha! But they say, when you love a person, you feel his pain & go thru excalty what he's going thru. who sees me now will notice how tired i look. Let alone that I didn't sleep last night.

Tomorrow we're going again to visit him. It might continue for a week before he could move again. allah yshafeeek baba =(

Can't get enough of

  • Swalifk by Rashid Al Majed <3
  • Marble Slab-ing with Bestie Salama. Why: every time we reach their counter we start teasing each other that i prefer their cheesecake ice cream+berries while she loves her hot fudgeee recipe that she invented. How can I live without ur "3a9r el tweded M7ayya" ;)
  • My Red Bently *Slash* Beetle LOL. It's everyone's favorite ride. Whether they try to make me feel happy or they acually love it. I call her "3yoooni". I feel bad for abusing u baby with my reckless driving.
  • Watching Friends. Am LuLu Aniston after all.
  • Gossiping with BCE *Best Cousin Ever* Layla <>
  • Cola Ice Cream with Bestie Shai5a. I think we went to every Dkan in Abu Dhabi to get our treat. Who said 50 Fils can't buy you happiness ? *lovelove*

To be continued......

Friday, July 4, 2008

Rise & Shine

For those who know me. I'm SO not a morning person. It's one of the things no matter how hard i tried i can't do it. But today is not like any other day.

I actually didn't sleep since last night. It was a bet of drama happening here. My Beloved dad had woken up yesterday having the worst backache everrrr. He was not able to move at all. So for the first time on my whole life, an ambulance came to the house and took daddy to the hospital. We "My family" el7amdellah never faced such situations before. But yesterday it was totally different. So mn kther el 9adma i couldn't sleep. i felt like it's my duty to look after my brothers and the house. Luckily, my dad just called from his room @the hospital and asked me to come . He's bored fdaaaait.h. He wanted to have yummy breakfast. I would cook sumthin if i had more time. I'll pass by the bakery to get his favortie Cheese Mana'eeesh. I have to hurry now, take a quick shower to be more energtic and out the door.

You've got a friend in me

am watching this right now

Nostalgia is killing me. Among my group of friends whom i came to bond with since day one in university. I am the first to graduate and leave campus. Now sitting here and remembering everything happ
ened in the past 4 yrs is over-whelming. I am blessed to have them in my life. The word "No" has no existence in their dictionary. I have had the best days with them. The long breaks cruising AD streets aimlessly in "N" Car , Rm'6an hangouts at "H" house and the countless lunches which always end up @ McDonald's Drive thru.

But most of all, i miss our Trips togather.

Karam-beiruting was such a highlight lol

So my friends, this is dedicated to you. And remember that no matter how life drift us apart. You will always have a special place in m
y heart

3houdi You're the first to see me cry, to make me laugh, your songs r always my favorite and non has dominated my whole family's life as much as u did. Love you bestiee <3

Completely random

Hey everyone. My name is Layla. This is my first attempt in the blogging world. So don't judge my lame layout and random posting. enshallah i become an expert in no time. Knowing that i will be spending the summer at home, i will have plenty of time to learn.