Monday, July 7, 2008


They drive you crazy, but you love them.
Last week, my aunt came from KSA to visit us for a week. She brought her super adorable kids fa6oom & 7asoon along with her. They are hilarious. Fatima is so so talkative, but in the cute way, if she asks a question and you answer, consider yourself trapped foreverrr. One question will lead her to million other question. And the funny thing she fell in love with my older bro Ibrahim. She was like:
abeee atzawajkk. On the other hand, Hasan is only 2 years old but the poor lil kid he is Over-weight. I offered to take them to Action Zone to play . It was funny the looks on the people's faces when they saw Hasan, they were awwhhh-ing the whole time, and others came to squeeze his cheeks, and the philipinooo people who work there were the most to go crazy over him, I think because he does have some philipino features :P 3ala balhm wa7d mnhm.

Personally, I don't know how to kochi-kochi play with kids. But since last year, I became fond of children, especially my little cousins, my friend's nephews and nieces. I have this love toward them chanh they're my own children.

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Lono said...

mashallah Allah yekhaleeehum emtakhtekheeeen it means chubby kids what I really do like :P