Saturday, July 26, 2008

Weekend in Abu Dhabi

I just came back from the movies, and here's my experience with The Dark knight at Marina Mall cinestar, thankfully, Indestructible took the burden and wrote exactly what I wanted to say. Never in my entire life I have seen the cinema hall been so packed with people. Regardless, I said I came & am not backing off I havta watch the movie. people fighting with each other for taking their lines, and it was a pure chaos. In the movie, one lady brought her toddler when it clearly states it's a 15+. The baby kept crying for almost the whole time. Not to mention the bunch of guys talking so loudly and clapping for every move batman does. UUFFTTT torture.

Anyway. I didn't let all that ruin the movie for me, i was actually enjoying the thrill. And to be honest, I still didn't understand the story of the movie 3adl, but just starrrrring at Batman is a pleasure teheee <3>


Lono said...

I will write a script for u if u want to and make a lecture to let u get the story right ( kidding
glad that u liked the movie

Layla said...

lono oh no thaanxxx,, i know how u guys would tell the story, it will be the real thing. I just Wanna hear how handsome and utterly gorgouesss Batman was! and that's the best script for me