Friday, July 4, 2008

Rise & Shine

For those who know me. I'm SO not a morning person. It's one of the things no matter how hard i tried i can't do it. But today is not like any other day.

I actually didn't sleep since last night. It was a bet of drama happening here. My Beloved dad had woken up yesterday having the worst backache everrrr. He was not able to move at all. So for the first time on my whole life, an ambulance came to the house and took daddy to the hospital. We "My family" el7amdellah never faced such situations before. But yesterday it was totally different. So mn kther el 9adma i couldn't sleep. i felt like it's my duty to look after my brothers and the house. Luckily, my dad just called from his room @the hospital and asked me to come . He's bored fdaaaait.h. He wanted to have yummy breakfast. I would cook sumthin if i had more time. I'll pass by the bakery to get his favortie Cheese Mana'eeesh. I have to hurry now, take a quick shower to be more energtic and out the door.

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sarah said...

i also am not a fan of early mornings! however, i feel really touched with your father's situations. i hope he gets better really soon!