Saturday, July 5, 2008

sweet tooth

I don't understand the fuss over cupcakes. Maybe it's due to the fact I don't have a sweet tooth, I crave chips & salty things all the time, but rarely chocolate. And If I ever do. It's mostly dark chocolate. The yummiest I tried from Armani Cafe & if you dig into my bag, I always make sure to have Lindt excellence thins. Salama my bestie made me believe the whole science about happy hormones coming from dark choco :P
So anyway back to the cupcakes salfah. I only made them twice in my whole life. They turn tasting really good and looking lame :P , lakn non of my family eat it so I thought I shouldn't bother to make anymore.

However, the new thing I am addicted to is truffles. Oh my they are lil sweet balls sent from heaven. Till now I also made them two times, I got the same recipe a la sugar box, so stayed tuned in, I will post the recipe with pictures soon :)

If you're in the cooking mood, you have to visit this website, they have the easiest recipes and you can even transfer them to your Ipod. Wasana or as /\/ say it Anaaasa :)


pinkest pout said...

i wish i didnt like chocolate and cupcakes! :X the cupcakes look cute! :D

eshda3wa said...

if u feel like making cupcakes
saweehum oo send em to me!