Saturday, July 19, 2008

They're Gone

After a whole week oof baby sitting , Semi-changing diapers & playing Madagascar DVD so early in the morning just to get them to stop crying, they're gone =(
My youngest aunt who came to visit us last week, left today taking her two little precious Kids, Fa6om & Wayweeeee *the boy in the pic* ah I hate goodbyes and akeed not for kids who I adore so much lately. Why is that! Seems like my mind is telling me I should have kids Now!! lol yeah riiiight, where is Mr.Right first.

So I took my aunt & kids almost everywhere in Abu Dhabi & every time it was a joyyyy. Finally it was the dramatic day yesterday when we were in Pizza Hut & mn kether el 7ashra, I Lost my mobile there. Not until i reached home, I saw mom & dad rushing to the car and telling me : Where is your mobile!
I was like: ha !! ma3rf fl shan6a.
Turned out a guy found it but god knows which planet he came from, He didn't know how to open my mobile, although it's not even locked. He was gonna take it to the police but my aunt's friend called and he told her please call the owner of the phone.

I got my mobile finally :D Am just worried if he had accessed my media files, klhaaa pixxx :S i should listen to my parents! NEVER take your own photos.

Edited: 15 July was my sister's 8th birthday. We celebrated with a home-made cake and singing happy birthday over 50 times :bored:

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Passionfruitteh said...

il7imdila 3a salamat ur fone hehe..ya we shouldnt take photos of ourselves fe our mobiles..but we simply cant hehe