Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sick & Tired

I'm drained of energy today, and I feel I'm getting a fever tomorrow :S mee counting on my miraculous Advil to make me better hopefully. I dunno wat's wrong everyone in the house is being sick though. So there is nothing much to say except a little update about my job hunting. I attended a presentation today regarding one of the real estate companies here in Abu Dhabi, they developed a promising graduate program and they were promoting it. I liked it! among all the offers I got, this is the one that looks suitable for me :) enshallah 5air, still didn't decide yet i have to discuss it with my bestie's first.

But yeey I'm happy that i got to meet my Uni classmates in the presentation, turned out we're all in the same stage of career clueless

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LeW.LeW said...

luluuuuuuuuu i luv the ipod thingie its so cute .. and ITS PURPLE!!
and good luck with ur interview babe .. I LOVE YOU