Saturday, July 5, 2008


I have never seen daddy like this before. He barely moved his body. Whenver the nurses came in for a dose of vallum to kill his pain, he would scream his lungs out for them to stop. I couldn't help it. I Wished I could take away all his pain. I wanted to see him healthy and happy like before. But the strangest thing happend today. While my father was being examined by the doctor, he was asking him questions about his neck and knees. Suddenly i felt like I' am phsically in pain. My neck started hurting and when my dad went under sedation, i was too!! weird ha! But they say, when you love a person, you feel his pain & go thru excalty what he's going thru. who sees me now will notice how tired i look. Let alone that I didn't sleep last night.

Tomorrow we're going again to visit him. It might continue for a week before he could move again. allah yshafeeek baba =(


Hopeless Poet said...

Salamat your dad! I know how hard it is .. my father is sick too and it is just hard that we can't do anything :(

Diddlina said...

Allah yshfeeh w y3afeeh mn kel shar inshallah..and may he keeps him safe for you
and about what you felt, its called sympathy pain, i didnt know it could really happen :o..( remembering joey when phoebe was giving birth LOL)
Allah ygawmh bel salamh hun hugs take care


pink-fionka said...

heyy i enjoyed reading u blog w allah i3afee ur daddy inshalla wegawma bil salameh inshalla :)