Sunday, July 27, 2008

A brownie

What am doing now?
Drooling over Galler's Juuuuuciest browniee and feeling Oh so good. Healthy food is not working for me , I had to ruin my diet with the brownie at the end, and yep it's worth it. I had a Greek-boring- salad and a Jasmine Tea which was very de-streessing, Speaking of Tea. Galler have the best selection of tea in AD, so much to choose from. Also Cafe de la paix offers Tchaba tea <3.

^ btw i wrote a long post, but it disappeared faj2a :S uufff i hate when that happens. sorryyyy

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sarah said...

brownies are my personal fave! unlike you layla, i love sweets and have an extremely sweet tooth! i recommend the brownies at nando's and chilli's. i am sure you will love them more than salty food!