Sunday, July 20, 2008


I decided to switch to a white background. Dark was kinda depressing for me lately. Hope you all like it ;)

Tomorrow I have a test & interview at a company in AD. and am so scared of the test, i suuuuckkk @ math. I already lost a Golden job offer because i think* i didn't do well in the math test. I don't want to lose this opportunity too. That's why I got myself some books from Magrudy's to help me out. Plus, yesterday I stayed up late until fajer prayer practicing some online tests with my dad and my genius little brother Mansour. But to my bad luck, when I checked the email i got from the company turned out the test will be completely different from the things I practiced. now am So Mitraw3aaa :S

Wish me Luuuuck, I really really need to work.


Passionfruit said...

Alla ywafejch ya LuLu :) Enter the test wenty 3aade mb 5ayfeh and do what ever u can do..maybe the previous opportunity makaan feeha kheera for you thats why :) wetha hal job mn n9eebch everything will go fine inshalla..

Kooshi said...

Latetraw3ain hunni, twaklai 3la allah w mabystwee ila ily Allah katbenh, plus loved the white backgroung so much better than the dark one ;). Goodluck hunni <3 6amnina