Thursday, July 24, 2008

What do you want from UAE! I want Chips 3man

every time I ask my cousins what do they want from here, it's always a box of chips. Now this time it was a bit different.

My cousin "Z" who is also my best friend since we were new born, got married couple of months ago, and now she has discovered that she is pregnant. And her pregnancy craving has fallen into chips oman :S I sent her 3 boxes of chips already just 3ashan it don't turn out as a Big chips like-mole on her baby's body.

on the other hand, no matter how long we talk about her pregnancy I'm still in the shocked-phase. I still remember all our late nighters making Puck Cheese sandwiches and noodles. And how crazy we acted in a conservative country as the KSA, we used to drive the Hay2a people nuts. One time I was about to go into the ice rink they have in the mall, just to see what that dude will do. She was money-wise unlike me, every time I go to visit them, she would take my money and give me 15 riyals everyday, she said: I should be on Oprah to teach people how to handle their financials.

Am calling her "Um Firas" from now. But why Firas??

2 years ago, she came for a visit. I had a headache stroke and I was in a very bad condition. My dad rushed me to the hospital and she insisted on coming, holding her daughters of Riyadh book. We went to the hospital and suddenly we saw the handsome-est Muhannad-like receptionist. He was syrian, rosy cheeks mn el bard and hair pulled back with a gel, kinda McDreamy-ish.
I was taken to the room & I was diagnosed with a strong dehydration. She sat next to me reading her book. We were dieing to know who is that receitopinst, what's his name, age, everything. The nurse came and boy was she the most hyper nurse i've seen in my life. Mniii mnaaak we tried to fool her for some infromation. luckily she spilled everything: yeah that's Firas, he's 24 years old, SINGLE girlsssss!!!

Our faces Flashed with a smile and she screamed: "Wallaah en jbt walad la asameeeh Firas, Nathren 3alayyyaaaa ya layla"

& now the name is hunting her, kaifha she made a promise. akeed he will come as handsome as him :P


Lono said...

ohh my God do they still make this kind of potato ( shakhbary ) eghbar

Layla said...

eeeh I guess it's one of the things they will NEVER stop making. still a huge hit

thnx for passing by :)

Lono said...

sure thing will pass more ( kha6afy as they say
nice blog by the way :)

nawary said...

hahaha the firas incident is soooo funnnnnny..

im craving chips 3manfunny how all the packets are filled with air and el chips pieces yn3adoon lol

Layla said...

lono. loool thanxxx <3

nawary. eh wallaah i dunno what happened to them it's like 5 chips inside. worth the 50 fils? lol reminded me of the time i was obsessed about 6 dirhams kettle chips, @ one point i was like OMG i could buy 12 Packs of CHIPS Oman

Thanx for passing byyyy