Monday, September 29, 2008


Yal rab3, meta el 3eed?

Am here in Ras Al Khaimah *the sixth emirate of the UAE * - in case some might question the weird name of this place ya3ny:P - we have been celebrating Eid every year here, it’s sorta tradition. My highlight of the two previous days spent in RAK were having a beauty pampering session at this cuuute newly opened salon, got me magazines to kill time , remodeling the living area for Eid. It was so much fun fighting over how to position everything to face the tv & OMG had the juiiiciesttt Yummiest DOUBLE Cheeseburger I had in Monthssss! Do I Feel guilty? Na2ah!

Which reminds me 3ala 6aree el food! Let me tell you my healtly-lifestyle highlights:

- Haven’t had soda for almost 2 months now.

- Reading labels & making sure HFCS isn’t in the ingredient list

- Cut back on Full-fat milk & replaced with low fat, I can’t stand plain skinny

- Oh haven’t had any coffee’s too, am amazed that I didn’t get any bad headaches *el7amdellah alfff* P.s Caffeine is really bad if you have chances of migraine.

Wisho ba3ad! That’s it for now, Until next time, 3eedkm Mubarak & wish you all a pleasant & joyful celebration with your loved ones. Take good care of yourselves.

Random thought: Atlantis the palm is on my highest what-to-visit-next list . I can’t believe the hype that got me so excited to see it. To be honest, if it wasn’t for Nobu restaurant I wouldn’t have thought about it :P

UPDATE: a second after posting, Al Arabia Channel announced that Eid is tomorrow.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


  • Why things should get so bottom worse to finally get better & positive
  • Why we should cry our eyes out for us to see the silver lining
  • Why we should get into a fight to see the real faces of people whom one day we took for granted
  • Why we should act everything is okay when it's never even close
  • Why we are always there for them & they are never here for us
  • Why we should believe in things just because everybody does
So many Why's wanders in our mind during our life cycle of feelings
I was one time having a hard time, I burst into tears in front of my professor, he looked at me with all the seriousness in the world & told me:
Layla everything happens for a reason! sometimes you don't know Why! But by the time passes you will realize why it happened.

I remember that it took me a while to adjust, yet things didn't get better. I went to him & said: professor, it never got better! I'am tired of waiting!

He looked at me with an eye-piercing look & ordered me to sit & spill out everything. I literally poured my heart, I saw the tears in his eyes. Couple of soothing words I left his office with my spirit Half lifted.

Couple of months later, I was back at his office, jumping up & down Happpyyyy. The clouds finally disappeared & I found the silver lining. It's true I couldn't realize why we go through uncontrolled sadness, all I know is that no matter how big, how Huge, how
gigantic we think the problem is at first, give it a little time of patience & it will go away.

Dedicated to you. You've been through it all & you're happier that the happiness itself. God bless you

Just like Ol'days

My favorite juice while roaming in the mall. It's a mixture of Blueberry, Banana & Passion fruit. So so good. Reminds me of my books shopping at Magrudy's right after classes. They ask people not to bring food or drinks into the store, but I guess they got used to me holding it everytime, so it's Okay with them. That's what I call customer satisfaction :P

Yooh sha5barh!!! it tastes like Childhood lool

Noor & Muhannad Kuwaity version ;) I find it cute though lool

Going out with my parents. Haven't done that since: Oh can't even remember! Daddy got me this gold bangle because I gave him the puppy eyes look :P

Friday, September 26, 2008

Agayer Jaw

First watch this funny replica of "Wala kelma" program. My fav part is at 8:12

Yesterday, my cousins decided to have an only-cousins shopping day. And am glad I went :D I truuully needed a time off my usual f6oor-TV-online-snacks- TV- online - sometimes just staring at the space with no actions- kinda routine.

For those who are from Abu Dhabi or been here, Marina Mall is our favorite mall. For me it's my second home! people go to beaches to throw their sorrows & I go shopping at marina. It's such a quite place to shop. However, this time it was very lively & different , let's just say almost all Abu Dhabi's population were there at the same time, Guys amount of flirtation was tripled like they were girls deprived & the sightings of girls I know was also unaccountable.

Downside of it, I couldn't shop properly & I wasn't in the mood to shop, lakn check out my cousin's
joint-purchase *cousin that means I own it with you :P*
It's a black/white gorgeous coat that screams: Wear me in Milan Layla!
sorry the mobile shot doesn't do anyyyy justice. Promise with a better capture enshalla.

To celebrate the coat we dined Italianoo at the one & only Beilla restaurant. We decided to have a pizza take out & eat it in the car, because by the time we ordered, the mall was literally emptyyyy!

It was such a lovely amazing night my cousins, Love yaaaa, lazm en3eedha ;)

Today: I was digging into my wardrobe to match my Eid outfits, I was torn apart between 3 outfits, with help of my fashionista Bestie Salama I decided to wear a loose short dress with leggings & my McQueen heels. I had to model the outfit for daddy so that I know his opinion, I think the exact words he said were: BAAL kl hatha SHOES!!! you gonna break your back.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I dusted the door to the past

Weren't you a character!

Once upon a time, Baba Ali, had a driver called Zubair! Baba was driving-phobic so he relied on Zubair to drive him everrrrywhere around town. Baba used to shout his lungs out if Zubair drove with high speed. As a result, police gave him a ticket for driving way below average speed.

Baba used to give us money if we massaged his genetically skinny legs. He would put his hand in his pocket & our eyes would turn into $_$ signs anticipating the giving. We would run all the way to the nearby ba8ala & buy frozen vimto and chips.

He used to visit us every now & then, never did he came with empty hands, dolls of all kinds, remember the fever over that Chinese doll with her own passport! I was envied because baba brought one to me before it was in the market.

Baba had many daughters. If they ever felt down, he would buy a ticket & fly them anywhere just to make them forget their sadness.

Baba was always in good mood, laughing his heart, lovable by the strangers before his friends, they used to call him: bo el 7abayeb. Rarely they used his real name.

until One dark evening,

I accidentally picked up the phone, I heard my aunts crying on the phone, begging mom to come quickly, Baba just returned from India & he is very sick he wants to see all his daughters now. I was in grade 6, I couldn't interpret what they meant. I slowly closed the phone & pretended nothing had happened. I tried to block out what is yet to happen.

Mom traveled first thing on the morning. We didn't even say goodbye. One day later, I did it again. I picked up the phone accidentally, I heard my aunt's husband crying on the phone telling daddy. Baba had passed away & everyone is going insane.

Dad packed our things & took the first flight. It was the first funeral I came to encounter. I didn't cry.

I didn't cry for years to come. I just didn't know what death meant, I didn't realize that this person is no longer going to visit, no longer gonna tell me how I resemble him out of all his grandchildren. I just didn't.

During the first/second year of his death, the song " sha5barek" by abudlkareem abul 8ader hit the radio.

أنتهى العام و ابتدى العام الجديد و انته ناسينا ناسينا أكيد

Mom couldn't get over it, whenever they put it, the water comes out & she's crying non-stop. Again I never cried.

years had passed. until 3 years ago, I was laying on bed thinking about life, what had happened, what is missing. All of a sudden I opened my eyes and there he was gazing his sight at me from the ceiling. He was smiling with his beautiful sleepy eyes. That's when it hit me. Baba is gone *snifff*

I cried for hours, I was short of breath & couldn't open my eyes fearing I might see his image again. It was 4 in the morning. I went looking for anyone to talk to. Luckily my bro was in the kitchen making his usual protein drinks. He saw me & completely froze!

I sat on the corner of my bed & told me: I miss baba so bad!

It was the time I realized that everything surrounded him has changed drastically. Everything! his house became very dark, very sad, very unbearable.

Till now I seriously cannot believe he is gone, he left & took the joy with him. Zubair couldn't live in a house where Baba screams where muted down forever, he decided to go back to his country. All the curtains were turned down & everyone tried to move on. Except, I wonder if they did.

You are a great person & you left a legacy behind you, you cannot imagne how I'm fortunate to have your personality, everyone says that, but thank god I know by heart that I do. That's why you deserve to have a dear page on my blog.

I love you Baba
, always will

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

lel2asaf dmoo3iiiii 3al faa'6eee

Warning: 3rabzyy Post! don't proceed if you have chances of Heart Attack.

A lil update about my previous post. I'm watching this Abla Noora & her husband el 7abeeb 6la3 he Cheated on her, he's married & with kids. o heeh el miskeena ya '3afleen lkm allah. ga63at roo7ha 9eyaa7 amsss youm Mattt!! o ana weyaha ba3ad. uuff 8ahar. Awal marra a7es inh dmoo3ii 6a7at 3ala shay Sa5eeef :X oh well, I always cry 3ala stupid things, but ya lait sema3t kalam my bro, he said: It's not real

Musalsat erm'6an hal sina, thank god no more slapping, lakn too much death scenes. 3awraw Galbeee!!

Hello Mee!

Joining the crowd Finally :D

My cousin says, my hair should be different, But am hoping those manga guys would invent something that create our exact face features. That would be so coool. For those who haven't try it yet check out the website

Yesterday was one of those depressing super long days in my life. The reason might sound so lame & stupid, but sometimes I cannot control my feelings. So my tv shows session started at 9 with Musalsal Abla Noora on DubaiTV. The death scene of Abla Noora's husband was heart shattering. I cried a river!
then came '6el el yasmeen 3ala MBC1, again so sad! why those lovebirds cannot get together. THEN came sera3 3ala remal, Fahad supposedly died or might die. WHY WHY WHY!!!

It's not the scene that makes me cry. It's the fear of me going through these moments one day. I'am not jinx-ing my luck or anything, But I feel, there has to be a time when I cannot have what I want, I canno't find the happiness, or those who I love the most, are no longer around. This fear just kills me.

I had gone through the lose of a dear person 10 years ago. & Believe me if I say, it never got any better.

Again, it's no longer the death itself that makes you sad, it's the aftermath, the happenings, the change of lives e
of those related to him, that what makes death very scary.

I've yet to find the better words to describe what I feel now. However, I'm going to share this memory soon. Because if one lesson should be learned from that day is: make sure you tell those you love, that you love them, Before it too too late.

Miss you Baba Ali, the kindest grandpa on earth

Monday, September 22, 2008

Before it's too late

Thanx didi for the link. I come across many people who refuse to wear seat belts thinking it's for driving beginners. Seriously!

Death can pick you "Experts" too!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A fight

No matter how we go on & on about the spiritual month of Ramadan, How we all tend to step up & say the word sorry, How we become the better us in dealing with people. In swallowing our anger & saying that's okay Allah will reward us for that.

Na'aah. Who we are kiddin! Ramadan reveals the worse in people. Especially those short-tempred :X

today, I wake up way earlier than my usual time. like 8 hours earlier :P got ready for another interview. I believe this is my second time I go out during fasting time & it's always a chaos. Cars bumped at traffic signals & people swearing at each other. Another taking parking spaces from one another. I truly feel sorry for Policemen.

Today was no exception, I went to the petrol station to get me credit & I wished I had a camcorder for the Egyption Team Vs Pakistani Team Fight. I witnessed what I assume was Round 10, It was Hillaaaarious rather than intense:

The Egyptian: Enta mafeee ye3raf Aish ya3niii Enta StuiiiBIDD!!!


Egyptian: Ana Hena feee ManaJERRRR, Kelma zeyada ana 7aya5bar shorrr6a!!

Omg I stood still feeling really disappointed of what happens with people this month. Honestly, people are nicer with each other when it's not Ramadan. Why things became the opposite way around?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm up to:

Staying up til morning

Reading Etihad Holidays book

Food talk in general :love:

My favorite pick-me-up treat

"Fahad" love x100000000000

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Endless Hearts

Whoever is not watching 9era3 3ala el remal- صراع على الرمال is missing the eye-candy "Fahad". Ah *Faintsss*. I never liked Bedouin series at all, even that infamous Nmr Bin Adwan I didn't watch. However, it's either Hussain el Jasmi's songs playing throughout the episodes or the love story between Al hanoof & Fahad that caught my attention. I'm a big fan now & If I missed an episode, I'd wait for the re-run at five in the morning. WatchitWatchitWATCHIT.
P.S That particular song is *siiiigh* wayed a7bhaa.

If you're in the mood to cry your eyes out. Then `6el el yasmeen is highly recommended. It's unlike any Khaleegi musalsal *Hint* Slapping & botoxed lips aren't dominant. The story is so real no matter how desperate it is. It's well written and played that you live the scenes & you feel sorry for poor Yasmeen.
Plus, it made me wonder, do people love purely like Muhanna loves Yasmeen?

What we Love the most

We love getting ready for a Partaaayyy!

Since I missed the feeling of introducing myself & networking here & there. I had to accompany my mom yesterday.

My mom's friend had this very
Chic gathering to celebrate her daughters' graduation. Starting from the ballroom which was turned into a 1001 nights theme, down to the finest service of Arabian drinks which I'm proudly saying it was done by my mom's shop. I wished I've taken my camera to snap the gorgeousness of the evening.

I love the smell of Dkhoon Mixed with French perfumes, hearing the laughter on the background while enjoying great food with people whom you instantly feel like: Hey They are amazing!

On the other hand, two days ago, I had a dream.

A dream that took me back to Grade Five. It's weird I know! all I remember is that I had to repeat that class so I entered it & I felt like am the oldest one in the class & I hopped no one recognizes that.

I kept racing my steps to my desk which was on the front, I sat like a little baby on his first day of school & kept wandering around with my eyes. Until I caught the sight of
Dania. Dania was my Jordanian classmate back in High school & she had to move to her country before we graduated. She was by all means the kind-est *NERD* person I knew. She used to help me out in tests all the time, by that I mean, holding her paper up high so I catch a glance at her answers & obviously.. Copy them!! lol that's what I mean by Kind :P so anyway! when my eyes met Dania's my tears started rolling & all of a sudden I noticed that I recognized all the faces I know in the class. They were girls I didn't say goodbye to in my life! How terribly sad! I started crying in the dream saying how much I missed you girls, I don't want to waste my time anymore, bla bla bla.

Then I woke up. Checked my mobile phone & there it was! a msg from Shosho, inviting me for a gathering at her house. My dream came true, I thought to myself!

The gathering was today, I met my friends but unfortunately not all of them. Knowing that they all went to different places pursuing their dreams to be doctors, engineers & so on. We laughed all night remembering all our incidents & the best part was looking at our pix. OMG I had chubby cheeks & my fringe was too long for my face. There was this funny pic, me being super stylish in school terms :P holding a greasy bag & a Pepsi. I assume it was a KFC bag. Yikes!

Wish that all your dreams come true my dear

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not in the mood

Ufft what's wrong with today. It's not enough that I gave Salama a headache because of my complaints, I wanna dwell here too :P But seriously what's with today.

I woke up like I wanna kill myself. I felt like: Hey it's been 4 months I'm at home! it's getting boring, Dull, OH & boring again. This job hunting phase I'm in is so overwhelming. Agree?

I mean, Okay I get that it's time when you graduate & you have all the time to do whatever you want, until you get stuck at your new career life. But looking back at what I have achieved for the past 4 months. I came up with nothing *tears rolling & sad violin music playing on the background* I didn't even travel nor did I do any of my After-Graduation list. Btw in case no one noticed, I'm a list junkie. I list every single thing in life.

so anyhooo, I got fed up of waiting for replies from workplaces. Going for interviews & doing tests. That continues circle is tiring. Personally, out of all the places, There is this one company that I liked & maybe that's why I'm pissed off. it's been 10 days & I haven't heard from them. I just wanna settle & feel like hey my job is secured. It's time to enjoy the remaining of the vacation. I passed the tests & the two interviews. What's taking them so long!!!!!

& the most furious thing is that people keep reminding me of this miserable situation. I pick up the phone, I greet a relative, I begin a conversation. Everything starts with:

Ha sho ma esht'3altii??

Please "e n o u g h"

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dear Gathering

Yesterday, my friend Shosho came over to my house. We had a very pleasant evening updating each other about our status in life. She came back from Brazil weeks back & I wanted to hear all the drama :P

Shosho is considered my oldest friend whom am thankfully in touch with. We went to the same schools for our entire academic years, but it wasn't until grade 8, when we became more friends not just classmates. & Yeah we live close by too.

One time, she came over to a biology private class with this tutor & I purchased lots of funky nail polishes. I was showing it to her & we looked at the clock & said to ourselves: "That tutor ain't coming" So she painted each nail with different color. Right after she finished, the totur came in :X & for the whole session, she was refusing to take any notes, knowing that he will peak at her nails. Which eventually he did :P

Also, I came to discover Friends show from her. Again, we had another class, so we were watching tv until he reachs. Friends was on TV and:

she screamed: AHAHAHY!

I was like: sho el salfh!

she said: 3ade no need to understand what they say, just laugh with them.

I cannot forget two things about her. First, was our first fight which I totally forgot what was it about! she came furiously & squeezed my neck until I was chocking. We always laugh off that memory & I keep remind myself, Don't miss with shoshoo :P

Second, her grandfather *allah yer7amh* Used to call me: Laylat el 3eed ليلة العيد everrrry single time I see him. He was trully a very nice man.

I could go on & on about her, because summing up years of friendship is hard. However, for me, friendship is measured by the great memories shared together not the years. Always remember that my friends ;)

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Yep. That's me!

I totally forgot it's Sunday. First day of week, everyone is awake getting ready for school & college & all that. My mom caught me & made me dress up my sis, make her breakfast, comb her hair. It might seem like an easy task, but Noooh, for my sis! school is pure HELL. screams & cryers :S went craaazayyyy.

Since the beginning of ramadan, I thought my messed up sleeping pattern will get back to normal. i.e wake up in the morning & sleep at night like normal people do. But actually it got worse.

Yesterday I slept until I heard Al Magrab Prayer :X but it wasn't my fault, that's my mom's cuppaciono the night before which made us all BATS.

Anyway, so I stayed up all night watching shows re-runs while chitchating with older bro about life, travel & all our endless plans. Dad finally gave us the green light for our plan. YA RAB it comes trueee.

-Did I mention that my bro is my guy-best friend or best-guy friend hehe. His 24th Birthday is Tomorrow. Which makes Him 3 years older than me, But since we grew up togather, I've always thought we are Twins :S seriously, we went to the same primery school & for some reason I thought we are. One time, he crushed the bus's window. The school princpal made him pay back the cost of repair from his few dirhams allownace, lol I can't forget that day- miskeen.

GTG to sleeep. Have a niiice day

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pray for Hamdan

Remember back on August, I went to Dubai for the weekend & baby Hamdan-my second cousin-was my hiiighlight of the trip. Super duper cute & he was tagged with me the whole time. Unfortunately, we were struck with the news that his health condition collapsed all of a sudden & he's hospitalized now.

I'm a person who went to hospitals & fuenerals sooo rarely. I don't like facing saddness especially to people whom I really love. But since my mom knew how much I love Hamdan. She insisted I go visit him so that he feels better. & Oowh 7abeeebiiii he was sooo shy when I came in. We played with his plastic animals & told him the typical story that beings with: there was a prince called Hamdan & a verryyy beautifull princess.......

Respecting the privacy of his family, I won't share his real condition but my heart is itched with fear & I wish that nothing serious is wrong with him.

Please Please everyone pray for him in this great month. May god bring him back to his family better than ever.

I love you

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day

Heyy Folks, How was your first day of Ramadan! any drama

Mine was Ohkay. Had a job interview @2:30, I was gonna die out of thirst & Heat. Got back home, read Quran & online a bit.

F6ooor time. We were expecting my dad's cousin to come, Because he works away from his family & we love to have him over every year, but unfortunately he took a leave & didn't come. My older bro was @college, didn't come too. So F6oor was a bit weird & lonely =(

But I guess the hysterical laughs I got from Freej & شعبية الكرتون made up for it :

The rest of the night was spent racing between channels to see what مسلسل I should "Get myself addicted to"

& that's it ( very impressive layla )

Today, my first cooking class started, with the one & only chef aka mom. I only observed her making كنافة & cinnamon rolls & my turn was to make Spinach pastries. The dough was already made. I just have to make the mix. It turned out really goood except now peaking on the oven, I saw the shapes I made got opened & the spinach is out there :S too bad.

P.S K.D i hope you read my post today. No 3arabzyyy :P