Sunday, September 28, 2008

Just like Ol'days

My favorite juice while roaming in the mall. It's a mixture of Blueberry, Banana & Passion fruit. So so good. Reminds me of my books shopping at Magrudy's right after classes. They ask people not to bring food or drinks into the store, but I guess they got used to me holding it everytime, so it's Okay with them. That's what I call customer satisfaction :P

Yooh sha5barh!!! it tastes like Childhood lool

Noor & Muhannad Kuwaity version ;) I find it cute though lool

Going out with my parents. Haven't done that since: Oh can't even remember! Daddy got me this gold bangle because I gave him the puppy eyes look :P


A Journal Entry said...

3alaich bil 3afya ;)

pinkie said...

masha'alla goooorgeous bangles!! they'de look fab with white, black or purple outfit ;)

Dreamy said...

am so thirsty 7ram 3leech :X

Ayesha عـائـشـة said...

LOVE your "customer satisfaction" definition =D I'm always there at Magrudy's but never had my Latte with me! gotta try that ;)