Monday, September 29, 2008


Yal rab3, meta el 3eed?

Am here in Ras Al Khaimah *the sixth emirate of the UAE * - in case some might question the weird name of this place ya3ny:P - we have been celebrating Eid every year here, it’s sorta tradition. My highlight of the two previous days spent in RAK were having a beauty pampering session at this cuuute newly opened salon, got me magazines to kill time , remodeling the living area for Eid. It was so much fun fighting over how to position everything to face the tv & OMG had the juiiiciesttt Yummiest DOUBLE Cheeseburger I had in Monthssss! Do I Feel guilty? Na2ah!

Which reminds me 3ala 6aree el food! Let me tell you my healtly-lifestyle highlights:

- Haven’t had soda for almost 2 months now.

- Reading labels & making sure HFCS isn’t in the ingredient list

- Cut back on Full-fat milk & replaced with low fat, I can’t stand plain skinny

- Oh haven’t had any coffee’s too, am amazed that I didn’t get any bad headaches *el7amdellah alfff* P.s Caffeine is really bad if you have chances of migraine.

Wisho ba3ad! That’s it for now, Until next time, 3eedkm Mubarak & wish you all a pleasant & joyful celebration with your loved ones. Take good care of yourselves.

Random thought: Atlantis the palm is on my highest what-to-visit-next list . I can’t believe the hype that got me so excited to see it. To be honest, if it wasn’t for Nobu restaurant I wouldn’t have thought about it :P

UPDATE: a second after posting, Al Arabia Channel announced that Eid is tomorrow.


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

3eedch mbarak! :)

A Journal Entry said...

3eedich embaraak dear =*

Fairy said...

Hey dear embarkn 3eedich, i miss home and sitting with family chatting, hope u have a blast!
btw what salon ure talking about?

Ayesha عـائـشـة said...

عساج من عوادة العيد

Anonymous said...

hello ya 7elwe dear

embarkan 3edech


eshda3wa said...

3eeedich imbarak !