Sunday, September 21, 2008

A fight

No matter how we go on & on about the spiritual month of Ramadan, How we all tend to step up & say the word sorry, How we become the better us in dealing with people. In swallowing our anger & saying that's okay Allah will reward us for that.

Na'aah. Who we are kiddin! Ramadan reveals the worse in people. Especially those short-tempred :X

today, I wake up way earlier than my usual time. like 8 hours earlier :P got ready for another interview. I believe this is my second time I go out during fasting time & it's always a chaos. Cars bumped at traffic signals & people swearing at each other. Another taking parking spaces from one another. I truly feel sorry for Policemen.

Today was no exception, I went to the petrol station to get me credit & I wished I had a camcorder for the Egyption Team Vs Pakistani Team Fight. I witnessed what I assume was Round 10, It was Hillaaaarious rather than intense:

The Egyptian: Enta mafeee ye3raf Aish ya3niii Enta StuiiiBIDD!!!


Egyptian: Ana Hena feee ManaJERRRR, Kelma zeyada ana 7aya5bar shorrr6a!!

Omg I stood still feeling really disappointed of what happens with people this month. Honestly, people are nicer with each other when it's not Ramadan. Why things became the opposite way around?


Glitter said...

Lulu, hiii....

this is my first time here, and i have to say i liked what i saw/ read i mean :-)

Will be keeping my @@ on u :-*

Dreamy said...

omg Lulu yeety 3la al jr7, walah am envying u for not needing to go out during day time, I suffer everyday in my way back home from work. Poeple's attitude during this month is nothing but a disaster =(

AHMED said...

Maybe because Eblees is jailed :p

every day i go to sleep i think of the next day traffic jam, it's like a night mare 4 me

nyxxie's said...

3afana Allah!


Bowaaaaaaahaaaa haaaa haaaaa haaaa! ! ! ! ! XD

Layla said...

Glitter: 7ayyach allah fe baitch el thaaniiiii, 3eedeeha dayeman ;)

Dreamy: haaaih walla I wonder if it's only fe AD or else where, shay fa'6ee3. allah y3eeenaaa. 7ag sho envyyy la7gaa 3al sh'3l ana

A7mad: oh 3ad ur workplace area is big ma2sah every single morning. allah y7af'6naaa.

nyxxie: lool couldn't agree more.

Indestructible: Akeed laughing at fight!! hehe