Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day

Heyy Folks, How was your first day of Ramadan! any drama

Mine was Ohkay. Had a job interview @2:30, I was gonna die out of thirst & Heat. Got back home, read Quran & online a bit.

F6ooor time. We were expecting my dad's cousin to come, Because he works away from his family & we love to have him over every year, but unfortunately he took a leave & didn't come. My older bro was @college, didn't come too. So F6oor was a bit weird & lonely =(

But I guess the hysterical laughs I got from Freej & شعبية الكرتون made up for it :

The rest of the night was spent racing between channels to see what مسلسل I should "Get myself addicted to"

& that's it ( very impressive layla )

Today, my first cooking class started, with the one & only chef aka mom. I only observed her making كنافة & cinnamon rolls & my turn was to make Spinach pastries. The dough was already made. I just have to make the mix. It turned out really goood except now peaking on the oven, I saw the shapes I made got opened & the spinach is out there :S too bad.

P.S K.D i hope you read my post today. No 3arabzyyy :P

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