Sunday, August 31, 2008

At the last minute

I have been told by "someone" :P that I like fast food a lot. And the truth is, I love food of awwwlll Kinds .... that sounds even worse.

Just a month ago I realized that I treat food the emotional way. I had gone through a stressing phase in the past few months & I turned to food for comfort. Lots & lots of lunch's, dinner's outside. & I have always felt better afterwords. Stupid me thought my good genes will fight all that fat, sugar & the rest of bad stuff. But oh boy, I gained enough weight to make my cheeks look it just got Botox-ed - That's how my friend puts it

The two pix I uploaded are the contrast of each other. If you notice the wholewheat pasta, cooking spray & some random stuff I picked at Apella superstore today. I'm more into healthy food lately, reading labels & lecturing my parents about High-fructos-corn syrup. Oh yeah that's the ugly thing that give us 23 kilos each year without us knowing. I became health goddess all of a sudden. My bestie salama is going thru the same phase, bags & shoes talk now is our least interest. Now it's all about cardiovascular exercise & protein bars :P It's great when you have someone supporting you.

I'm blabbering about food, because ramadan is coming & I know that means excessive indulgence of cheese samboosa & liters of Vimto.


Leslie said...

Thanks for visiting my Blog! Sorry you had to see that nasty blog fight! Crazy huh? I agree that got mean cause they were in the wrong!!! Big bullies they are!
Well stop back by anytime..there is usually no drama going on!!

Layla said...

^ yeey Leslie, Thanx for stopping by. I love your blog already read it all :D & don't worry about those haters

Pinkish ♥ said...

Well that's really great, from Pizza Hut to wholewheat pasta :D
I love all kinds of food, and I have a friend like you who's into super healthy food and different kinds of diets, I don't know what I'd do if it wasn't for her :)

Love your blog, Layla :D