Saturday, August 16, 2008

Can't Wait

From the master mind behind the most romantic Book-turned- into-a-movie The Note Book. Comes Nights in Rodanthe By Nicholas Sparks. Hopefully, a favorite for Romantic movies' Fans. Being a Nicholas Sparks Books' Junkie , this is the B e s t I have ever read. Although that was several years ago, I pretty much forgot what's the story was about :P but I still remember how amazing it was <3 aaah it's like a dream come trueee.

It's scheduled to arrive in October :D


♥p i n k i e said...

i <3 those two actors! i think they were great @ unfaithful :)
the movie sounds great.. cant wait till its out :D

Layla said...

exactly there were amaaazing together on unfaithful & 5ala9 when this movie comes out will call it a girls night outttt yeeey.

pinkie said...

:D sounds great!