Saturday, August 30, 2008

Life is good when home is good

Lounging around with my camera, nothing to do except snapping pix of anything in front of me. And oh if only I can send you all these freshly-baked cheese buns. I like them dipped in honey <3

I love home. I love how simple it is, how it doesn't fit guests :P I was born here, I was raised here & I wanna get married & bring my children to play here. Lots of Drama happened during our life, but with the love of the family we could overcome it. I swear everything comes & goes. But love is the constant element that keep us all going. Today it just hit me that we all grew up & that childhood phase has moved away. I remembered all our accidents at home. One time we were BBQ-ing & my older brother was really naughty. My mom was so so pissed & warning him with that metal thing that you stiff the kebab with & grill lol I don't know what is it called. Anyway, in a split seconds my mom threw the metal thingie & guess what!! it flew right into my brother's leg. It reminded me of Robin Hood cartoon when they shot people with arrows. omg, luckily, only a tiny scar left its mark on my brother's leg. But poor mom was left guilty for quite a while. I always remember that scene in slow-motion. So scary.

--- Pause to watch Noor lol Muhannad is crying, Ok seriously they over did it ---

Anyway, All I wish is that:
الله لا يغير علينا

& may all your families stay well, happy & content :)


Zahra said...

And the same to you :)
The pictures made my mouth water. Definitely not a sight to see during Ramadhan haha!

Moza Al Kaabi said...

omg 9aya7teeni <3


Mubrook 3aleec el shahr e fe'6eel

Lono said...

7aram 3aleeech walla mo zain am leaving alone and have no cook, today I bought all cooking books from virgin coz of u :P

Layla said...


LOL although I'm planning to take pix of f6oor everyday *evil* thanx for passing by sweetie. LOVED ur webbie btww..


HAHA didn't see that coming. Come here *Huuugzzzz*


3alaina o 3alaik bro :) where is the email ?? am waiting!!


7araaaam. am sorrryyy!! I'll teach you how to do the buns Suuuuper duper easy. no need for cooking books, waste of money :P

Lono said...

I have better idea I dont mind u send me will save both time :P do u deliver to dubai :P

Layla said...

^ la byabred :P I thought guys who live by themselves r experts when it comes to cooking. affa lonooooo.

LeW.LeW said...

omg lulu galbee 3awarnee 3ala halpost im touched.. i luv u cuzn o mbarak 3laich ashahar :)

Little B said...

ok then i wont be baking u n e cupcakes.. u should stick being a health goddess :P

Lono said...

okh 6e7tay 3aleena yes true ta3almna el 6ebakh even margooog I did :P

sarah said...

layla, my mother here is sitting next to me. seeing all the beautiful and professional photographs that you have taken, she thinks that you have a hidden talent in you. also, your ability in transmitting your messages so clearly is a gift from nature. and oh ya, ramadan kareem too for your entire family!

nyxxie's said...

awh what a beautiful post!