Thursday, August 28, 2008


^ Have some Tabbuleh while I tell you what I did today. Kteer 6aybey btw ;)

So today....





Okay so before you get all judgmental & shoot me! It was an accident =( I got into my car, switched on the engine, plugged my Ipod & thought to myself! this day gonna be great! I'm gonna meet my friend Mzmz After two months in Munich & we gonna catch up on SO many Swalf i.e "Gossip". But noooo, I didn't realize that because I was so busyy day-dreaming, I stepped on that little beaaaautifull gray hairy Kitten ely ma adre mn wain 6l3atliii :X

What is even worse, is that I didn't feel like sumthin is under the "tayer", i thought maybe one of them has less air or whatever they call it. I stopped the car & went to check, Ok so everything is fine. Riiight before i go outta the door, I noticed the kitten laying on the ground looking uuuurgh..... Moment of Silence.......... Let's just say that I covered my eyes & started screaming my brothers' names to come see the murder I attempted.

Dad said, the kitten's soul gonna haunt me while am sleeping & I should put some tuna on my room in case she wanna eat! seriously not funny :S

Ayya 3alaiha am so depressed. Me & my family love pets so much. I still have my precious turtle since I was 7 years old. *Siiigh*

Okay, so the saddness moment is gone - That fast! that's pretty horrible what you did here - let's talk about something else. Time with Mzmz was greatttt. She gave me SATC DVD's to watch & a mag with Jennifer Aniston on the cover. One tradition me & Mzmz cannot get enough of is trading DVD'S & Magazines. Love ya* yal Jetsetter ;)


Bebe n' Noonie said...

aaw 7aramm!!:( alla yir7amhaa:*
glad u had fun wit ur friend !!;)

pinkie said...

omg >.<" allah yr7am the poor kitty
lol @ ur dad
cute tration w/ ur friend =D

AD_Queen said...

well dear i know its horrible but after all its nt ur fault right