Saturday, August 30, 2008

I slept like an owl !

This has to stop!!

My day went like this:

@8 in the morning: Logged off & slept

@5 : woke up for good

had late lunch, read a book, watched SATC, online, Dinner


I doze off on the sofa @9 till 11.

Sleep walking to my room & continued my sleeping until 3 in the morning.

now I'm awake while everyone is asleep. aah I hate it. I feel like a loser :x


Lono said...

I know what you mean
waihhh wallah dear ana akhas menich I arrived on thursday morning left uk at night I dont sleep in the plain so imagine from the plain to the offfice meetings then meeting friends ( guests ) so I came home at 2 slept from 2 till 2 noon I feel awful :(

Lono said...

yoma menich negdar engoool 6e7tay 3alay , eee walla expert I almost know every thing even el margoog :P