Sunday, August 3, 2008


I'm BaaaaaCk from my 4 days getaway in Dubai:

- Beach walks with Lady Danger pout & my favorite Disney world hoodie

- Turkey & Cheese Panini's breakfast

- Wild wadiiiiii & cruising Jumairah Road back & forth aimlessly w/ the best cousins ever

-McNuggets @2 in the morning

- All nighters just to catch up Noor show re-run

- A tour around the neighborhood in a golf cart allaaayy <3

-The yummiest crave-filling-ly Jumbo Tempura Maki

- The cuuuutest second cousins on the whole world. Here's 7amdan imitating my LD pout XD

Trip lowlight:

Going to MOE on Saturday night with Fleet of Kids & nannies. *cough* B O R I N G

Saks only for guys! am So jealous


Lono said...

glad that u enjoyed ur time in dubai
i dont know how did u enjoy it with this weekend humid 7aaaaaar . so glad that traveling tomorrow :P

Layla said...

oh thakartnii that was the lowlight. The super hot & humid weather

yey wanasa, have fun travlinnn

Fastidious Babe said...

looks like u had a blast... is that jbr? don't u hate that they got saks for MEN there and not women!

Layla said...

^ haaaih it was so much fun. We might do it every weekend lol. Eh 9dg wayed 8ahar. bs 3ade they're opening a HUGE Boutique one soon, so it will make up for that :D