Friday, August 22, 2008


I have this weird habit of googling the best stuff in life. The curious me & of course boredom takes the blame, Didi my friend would support me on this since she witnessed my all-nighters just looking for the best burger in America or the Best pizza in Italy, Lame Hah! Not to mention the best hotels in Bali & NYC. This has nothing to do with "the secret" But I have this belief that eventually I will attract these things into my life & I will get to try them one day. I have this strong feeling that all the things I want will come true. Okay not all of them especially that some of them are pretty ridiculous. *Hint* Being a friend with Jennifer Aniston :P

But anyway, I've always thought that all people are born lucky. It's just that they make the wrong choices which leave them depressed & unhappy. I thank god for the power of "Know", knowing what you want, Knowing who's good for you & who's gonna turn you life up-side down. I hope the choices I'm making this time are good for me & enshallah the outcome comes as great as I'm imaging.

Yesterday I had two green tea orders at two different places, just to decide which one I should stick to forever. Tall Tazo Green Tea @starbucks was a joy in a cup so yum & relaaaxin. While Costa shot me with a headache the moment I took a sip. Totally not recommended :S

& what a nice closure for the night with a sushi take out eaten in the car while the traffic signal is red.

edited: For the respect of the upcoming holy month, I removed the I-pod player :)


pinkest pout said...

I <3 tazo green tea , its so calming .. =) I really need to read The Secret!

♥p i n k i e said...

i miss bumping into u @ the marina :) lets meet up sometime

Layla said...

P.P ma darait inh it's that good, i lovelove it & i love yaa moooreee

Pinkieee,, OMG 9dg walla we should "bump" into each other again