Monday, August 25, 2008

Your Asian Sanctuary

For those who want to reward themselves after a long hectic day at work or school. Head to Sharaniss Spa in Abu Dhabi for an amazing pampering day. Promised to leave your body & soul rejuvenated. The Spa offers a wide range of signature spa Siam treatments in addition to reflexology & so many other massages. Plus, elemis facials, mani & pedi, hair treatments & baths.

The best part is that the Spa has it's own studio for Yoga, Pilates & Belly dancing. I do Yoga there & I'm so loving it, super quite & the people working there are amazing, you just hear them whispering lol. Sharaniss Spa came in its perfect time, since we lack these facilities in AD, most of the great Spa's are located in Hotels or mixed.

For reservation call: 025562601
Abu Dhabi- Khalifa A area


Manano said...

I loved the elizabeth taylor pinkie picture <3 and amazing place :D

K.D said...

do you work there?! :D

actually i was thinkin.. that i need a room like that in my house.. to relax and have some quality time.. that would really get in handy when i get married!!
maybe i'll drop by just to steal the designs!! :D

Layla said...

manano <3 thanxxx..

k.d LOL akeed I don't work there, i just love that place so much, i felt like I should tell the girls to drop by. Ob Ob ur wiife is lucky to have yaaa ;)

Dreamy said...

aw thanks Lulu for sharing, looks fab

Bebe n' Noonie said...

wannasa shawagteni!!:p
bs the problem is I gotta actually go to abu'6bi to do it
W babde dawam soon!!:/ inshalla someday though;)