Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Like any other day

Random pix from my weekdays. I'm supporting the purple nail polish yeeey :D yet it feels not quite me, so I'm going tomorrow for a pampering day with a signature bloody red tips & toes.

By the way! aren't we all looking forward for the greatest month of the year "Ramadan" . It always remind me that el denia ba3adha eb 5air. So mabrook 3alaikm el shahar o may god give us the strength & well to be the better us.

Hopefully, I wish my plans gets on action after Ramadan. traveling somewhere around, our usual Fujairah snorkling trip & for god sakes START working :P


Quick-ies :

Shwai5: Alf 7amdellah 3al salama. AD feels great with u around.
Phenomenal Zabiii: May god guide every step we take. U deserve it my tidy bear & hey that calls for a Cupcakes day.
Salama: waiting for Yewww Queen S!!
3houd: na3eeemaan. a7s one day I will publish a quirky poem book klllh mnch LOL


Meticulous said...

whats the book about? is it good im i need a new book to read ??

Fastidious Babe said...

0h i got halfway through the book but kinda lost interest for some reason.. and yes purple nails all the way lol xx

Layla said...

meticulous, I agree with Fastidious, i got it long time ago, lakn tawnii in the begining, i dunno why it didn't catch my interest wayed. it's about a lady who gets a divorce then travels to 4 countries in order to achieve the *eat, pray & love* thingies