Sunday, September 14, 2008

Endless Hearts

Whoever is not watching 9era3 3ala el remal- صراع على الرمال is missing the eye-candy "Fahad". Ah *Faintsss*. I never liked Bedouin series at all, even that infamous Nmr Bin Adwan I didn't watch. However, it's either Hussain el Jasmi's songs playing throughout the episodes or the love story between Al hanoof & Fahad that caught my attention. I'm a big fan now & If I missed an episode, I'd wait for the re-run at five in the morning. WatchitWatchitWATCHIT.
P.S That particular song is *siiiigh* wayed a7bhaa.

If you're in the mood to cry your eyes out. Then `6el el yasmeen is highly recommended. It's unlike any Khaleegi musalsal *Hint* Slapping & botoxed lips aren't dominant. The story is so real no matter how desperate it is. It's well written and played that you live the scenes & you feel sorry for poor Yasmeen.
Plus, it made me wonder, do people love purely like Muhanna loves Yasmeen?


A Journal Entry said...

oh so this is the show u told me about.. at what time they air it?

Layla said...

^ yeah, Tawa 5alla9.

ye76oonh @12 *UAE TIME* midnight 3ala Dubai Channel.

eshda3wa said...

ooh im not watching anything!

guess after ermthan i can catch up

Anonymous said...

Ho hal Blog ya lulu !!! ill add it 2 my favorite walla!! Since my name is not mention!!! ASHOF 3ehood we sha5aa we salamaaa!!! ma3leee we tesain ur jetsetter friend!!! KO !!!