Wednesday, September 24, 2008

lel2asaf dmoo3iiiii 3al faa'6eee

Warning: 3rabzyy Post! don't proceed if you have chances of Heart Attack.

A lil update about my previous post. I'm watching this Abla Noora & her husband el 7abeeb 6la3 he Cheated on her, he's married & with kids. o heeh el miskeena ya '3afleen lkm allah. ga63at roo7ha 9eyaa7 amsss youm Mattt!! o ana weyaha ba3ad. uuff 8ahar. Awal marra a7es inh dmoo3ii 6a7at 3ala shay Sa5eeef :X oh well, I always cry 3ala stupid things, but ya lait sema3t kalam my bro, he said: It's not real

Musalsat erm'6an hal sina, thank god no more slapping, lakn too much death scenes. 3awraw Galbeee!!


Anonymous said...

9a7 kalam ur bro, its not real
but it does happen a lot in reality if u now what i mean.
and having kids from another woman not only kills the wife's soul. it also kills his first children's soul.
if u know what i mean
thank god Ablah Noora didnt have any kids . lol

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

this is why i stopped watching tv hehe ;)
life is bad enough inreality, i watch 3awar galb on tv ba3ad? :(

A Journal Entry said...

ee wallah 7asafah 3ala dmoo3ich =/

Anonymous said...

elrgala '3adareeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

<3 said...

i think the twist in her character was horrible! i hate the way she acted. i understand her misery but for her to say "ay 3za" zawwedatha wayed!! w they had no right to give her that twist in persona.. after having so much respect for her and her patience, the character disappointed me too dramatically in the end.

3eedech embarak w 3saach mn el3aydeen :-)

M said...

^ i totally agree with it;3!

he hasnt cheated on her in the first place howa ra3aah sh3oor'ha as a women w kept it a secret from her so as not hurt her feelings! So much DRAMA my god

Layla said...

S* 9aa7 I cannot deny the story is bound to happen in real life so easily. & that's what I hate the most, is that it's real.

dandoon, lool laish laish! bel3aks I Find tv shows very enlightening about life :P

a journal entry: Akbaar 7asafaaaaa

anon: HAHA read this comment to my mom :P she laaugheddd.

<3 & m: excaaltyyy, 7ayat is always kind, sweet & welcoming. The twist was so bad, I just couldn't believe she would treat them this way, bs ya3ny they wanted to show that mn kther el 9adma what you can do. it might be truue though. Lakn hey 9arat 6yyba o t7b el yehaal now ;) that's good.

Mme.Monstre said...

lool yeah ..
i hate it when they STRECH THE SCENE .. i die right then .. i think she cried way too much .. ok i'll be a little merciful it is normal to cry THIS much when somebody dear dies .. lakn i dont understand why the director 6awwal all the crying scenes ..