Sunday, September 14, 2008

What we Love the most

We love getting ready for a Partaaayyy!

Since I missed the feeling of introducing myself & networking here & there. I had to accompany my mom yesterday.

My mom's friend had this very
Chic gathering to celebrate her daughters' graduation. Starting from the ballroom which was turned into a 1001 nights theme, down to the finest service of Arabian drinks which I'm proudly saying it was done by my mom's shop. I wished I've taken my camera to snap the gorgeousness of the evening.

I love the smell of Dkhoon Mixed with French perfumes, hearing the laughter on the background while enjoying great food with people whom you instantly feel like: Hey They are amazing!

On the other hand, two days ago, I had a dream.

A dream that took me back to Grade Five. It's weird I know! all I remember is that I had to repeat that class so I entered it & I felt like am the oldest one in the class & I hopped no one recognizes that.

I kept racing my steps to my desk which was on the front, I sat like a little baby on his first day of school & kept wandering around with my eyes. Until I caught the sight of
Dania. Dania was my Jordanian classmate back in High school & she had to move to her country before we graduated. She was by all means the kind-est *NERD* person I knew. She used to help me out in tests all the time, by that I mean, holding her paper up high so I catch a glance at her answers & obviously.. Copy them!! lol that's what I mean by Kind :P so anyway! when my eyes met Dania's my tears started rolling & all of a sudden I noticed that I recognized all the faces I know in the class. They were girls I didn't say goodbye to in my life! How terribly sad! I started crying in the dream saying how much I missed you girls, I don't want to waste my time anymore, bla bla bla.

Then I woke up. Checked my mobile phone & there it was! a msg from Shosho, inviting me for a gathering at her house. My dream came true, I thought to myself!

The gathering was today, I met my friends but unfortunately not all of them. Knowing that they all went to different places pursuing their dreams to be doctors, engineers & so on. We laughed all night remembering all our incidents & the best part was looking at our pix. OMG I had chubby cheeks & my fringe was too long for my face. There was this funny pic, me being super stylish in school terms :P holding a greasy bag & a Pepsi. I assume it was a KFC bag. Yikes!

Wish that all your dreams come true my dear


eshda3wa said...

i love getting ready for parties too!

7asafa u didnt take any pics!

shosho said...

loooolz mashalla up to date lulu, that time when u was posting i was sleeeeping and dearming of u guys,, yes I had so much fun,, and i hope that all of our friends had fun as well. Next time inshalla it will be much bigger and Not in Ramadan so we can chat more and more.

A Journal Entry said...

catching up with old friends is always fun!
and i don't know why , but the old pics seem to ALWAYS come out and be the highlight of the gathering =)

Zahra said...

Your pictures make me want to take out my make-up and start experimenting hehe!