Friday, September 26, 2008

Agayer Jaw

First watch this funny replica of "Wala kelma" program. My fav part is at 8:12

Yesterday, my cousins decided to have an only-cousins shopping day. And am glad I went :D I truuully needed a time off my usual f6oor-TV-online-snacks- TV- online - sometimes just staring at the space with no actions- kinda routine.

For those who are from Abu Dhabi or been here, Marina Mall is our favorite mall. For me it's my second home! people go to beaches to throw their sorrows & I go shopping at marina. It's such a quite place to shop. However, this time it was very lively & different , let's just say almost all Abu Dhabi's population were there at the same time, Guys amount of flirtation was tripled like they were girls deprived & the sightings of girls I know was also unaccountable.

Downside of it, I couldn't shop properly & I wasn't in the mood to shop, lakn check out my cousin's
joint-purchase *cousin that means I own it with you :P*
It's a black/white gorgeous coat that screams: Wear me in Milan Layla!
sorry the mobile shot doesn't do anyyyy justice. Promise with a better capture enshalla.

To celebrate the coat we dined Italianoo at the one & only Beilla restaurant. We decided to have a pizza take out & eat it in the car, because by the time we ordered, the mall was literally emptyyyy!

It was such a lovely amazing night my cousins, Love yaaaa, lazm en3eedha ;)

Today: I was digging into my wardrobe to match my Eid outfits, I was torn apart between 3 outfits, with help of my fashionista Bestie Salama I decided to wear a loose short dress with leggings & my McQueen heels. I had to model the outfit for daddy so that I know his opinion, I think the exact words he said were: BAAL kl hatha SHOES!!! you gonna break your back.


Dreamy said...

I hate the amount of guys roaming night @ arina for no reason except flirting argh!

your dad funny, he only saw the shoes =)

Nora said...

the coat look so chanel!! never been to A.D , would love to check it out one day!

pinkest pout said...

lol cute modeling for your dad ;P aste7y from my dad fe hal swalif :$

Sara Sweetness said...

i love beilla =)
and i luv ur blog spot :-D
good luck 7ayatii