Sunday, September 28, 2008


  • Why things should get so bottom worse to finally get better & positive
  • Why we should cry our eyes out for us to see the silver lining
  • Why we should get into a fight to see the real faces of people whom one day we took for granted
  • Why we should act everything is okay when it's never even close
  • Why we are always there for them & they are never here for us
  • Why we should believe in things just because everybody does
So many Why's wanders in our mind during our life cycle of feelings
I was one time having a hard time, I burst into tears in front of my professor, he looked at me with all the seriousness in the world & told me:
Layla everything happens for a reason! sometimes you don't know Why! But by the time passes you will realize why it happened.

I remember that it took me a while to adjust, yet things didn't get better. I went to him & said: professor, it never got better! I'am tired of waiting!

He looked at me with an eye-piercing look & ordered me to sit & spill out everything. I literally poured my heart, I saw the tears in his eyes. Couple of soothing words I left his office with my spirit Half lifted.

Couple of months later, I was back at his office, jumping up & down Happpyyyy. The clouds finally disappeared & I found the silver lining. It's true I couldn't realize why we go through uncontrolled sadness, all I know is that no matter how big, how Huge, how
gigantic we think the problem is at first, give it a little time of patience & it will go away.

Dedicated to you. You've been through it all & you're happier that the happiness itself. God bless you


Dreamy said...

may all yr days be filled with brightness & success .. cheer up dear

it's so true, nothing last forever
theres a key for happiness you just need to know how to used it properly ..

Little B said...

Poor professor :P ... watching cosset would put u in that mood again..wouldnt it? :P

A Journal Entry said...

glad that ur issues are solved =D