Sunday, September 7, 2008


Yep. That's me!

I totally forgot it's Sunday. First day of week, everyone is awake getting ready for school & college & all that. My mom caught me & made me dress up my sis, make her breakfast, comb her hair. It might seem like an easy task, but Noooh, for my sis! school is pure HELL. screams & cryers :S went craaazayyyy.

Since the beginning of ramadan, I thought my messed up sleeping pattern will get back to normal. i.e wake up in the morning & sleep at night like normal people do. But actually it got worse.

Yesterday I slept until I heard Al Magrab Prayer :X but it wasn't my fault, that's my mom's cuppaciono the night before which made us all BATS.

Anyway, so I stayed up all night watching shows re-runs while chitchating with older bro about life, travel & all our endless plans. Dad finally gave us the green light for our plan. YA RAB it comes trueee.

-Did I mention that my bro is my guy-best friend or best-guy friend hehe. His 24th Birthday is Tomorrow. Which makes Him 3 years older than me, But since we grew up togather, I've always thought we are Twins :S seriously, we went to the same primery school & for some reason I thought we are. One time, he crushed the bus's window. The school princpal made him pay back the cost of repair from his few dirhams allownace, lol I can't forget that day- miskeen.

GTG to sleeep. Have a niiice day


A Journal Entry said...

happy birthday lulu's bro! =D

Sh7afana said...

hehe wa3alaya

Little B said...

layla is ur little sister enjoying her new school? :P

salama said...

happy birthday B*
and so sorry to hear about 7amdan :(

Layla said...

Thank you'all :)

Salama, thanx 7abibty we hope he gets better enshallah.

Little b, lol yeah kinda, still adjusting I guess.