Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hello Mee!

Joining the crowd Finally :D

My cousin says, my hair should be different, But am hoping those manga guys would invent something that create our exact face features. That would be so coool. For those who haven't try it yet check out the website

Yesterday was one of those depressing super long days in my life. The reason might sound so lame & stupid, but sometimes I cannot control my feelings. So my tv shows session started at 9 with Musalsal Abla Noora on DubaiTV. The death scene of Abla Noora's husband was heart shattering. I cried a river!
then came '6el el yasmeen 3ala MBC1, again so sad! why those lovebirds cannot get together. THEN came sera3 3ala remal, Fahad supposedly died or might die. WHY WHY WHY!!!

It's not the scene that makes me cry. It's the fear of me going through these moments one day. I'am not jinx-ing my luck or anything, But I feel, there has to be a time when I cannot have what I want, I canno't find the happiness, or those who I love the most, are no longer around. This fear just kills me.

I had gone through the lose of a dear person 10 years ago. & Believe me if I say, it never got any better.

Again, it's no longer the death itself that makes you sad, it's the aftermath, the happenings, the change of lives e
of those related to him, that what makes death very scary.

I've yet to find the better words to describe what I feel now. However, I'm going to share this memory soon. Because if one lesson should be learned from that day is: make sure you tell those you love, that you love them, Before it too too late.

Miss you Baba Ali, the kindest grandpa on earth


A Journal Entry said...

hello u! ;p

i'm really sorry for ur loss.. adjusting to a new life without the loved ones is hard =(

Alia Al Suwaidi said...

i totally agree.. u can never get over with it.. it only gets less stressful.

*thanks for passing my business blog artbox :)

i'll fav u too :)

Layla said...

Journal : hey youuu :P

Alia, Thanx 7ayate for the fav :D klk zooo2