Sunday, July 13, 2008

Turkey Fever

I received this cute pot from my cousin Danya. She came back from Turkey. So cuuute. 3ala 6aree Turkey! didn't Noor Show point all the attention toward this country. Suddenly everyone is going there in the summer. Am jokingly saying to my mom: ely ysma3 Muhannad is waiting for them in the airport. No offense everyone am a fan of the show myself :P

I went to Turkey when I was in grade 3 :S very long time ago, the only thing I remember is the major food poisoning that hit my family when they had their grilled kabab. & Kameer the handsome boy who their parents were the tour guides in the city. He was maybe 3 years older than me, but he was so good looking in my innocent eyes *klllsh* me and my brother would join him to collect those huge snails in their garden.

I've always thought that I hated my childhood. But the more I grow up, the more I miss those days.


Dabdobah said...

hiiiiiiiii lulu lovely siteee everyday lazem check ur siteee ;)

Kooshi said...

LoL, Laylah all the males in the family are making fun of muhanad, I think they are jelous lol. I remember once we were gatherin in our granny house suddenly my uncle came in and we were watchin the show, he said haaaih hatha ilay chfteh f soog il5`6ra 9edg inh they are jelous, although I dont get attracted to blondies :P << aw long story lol . matenlamen when u got attracted to the turkish boy lol :P their cute :P And about the childhood thing I agree.