Saturday, July 5, 2008

Can't get enough of

  • Swalifk by Rashid Al Majed <3
  • Marble Slab-ing with Bestie Salama. Why: every time we reach their counter we start teasing each other that i prefer their cheesecake ice cream+berries while she loves her hot fudgeee recipe that she invented. How can I live without ur "3a9r el tweded M7ayya" ;)
  • My Red Bently *Slash* Beetle LOL. It's everyone's favorite ride. Whether they try to make me feel happy or they acually love it. I call her "3yoooni". I feel bad for abusing u baby with my reckless driving.
  • Watching Friends. Am LuLu Aniston after all.
  • Gossiping with BCE *Best Cousin Ever* Layla <>
  • Cola Ice Cream with Bestie Shai5a. I think we went to every Dkan in Abu Dhabi to get our treat. Who said 50 Fils can't buy you happiness ? *lovelove*

To be continued......


pinkest pout said...

layla ur so cute! allah y5aaly lach rab3ich inshalla *hugs*

Passionfruit said...

hehe lulu i LOVE ice-cream bu n9 :D and keep blogging :)