Thursday, July 20, 2017

Still Layla

If only one thing I learned. Is that life goes on literally. It does not stop for you and for anyone. You learn to grieve while still going on and about with your life.

I had moments where my work piled up for both my flower shop and hair salon. I would try to start the conversation with: sorry but mom died in May. Thinking that will buy me some time, but no, business is business. And that needs a metal heart who cannot relay on emotional dilemmas. After the "oh my condolences" the conversation will continue about work.

It blessed me honestly to be immersed in the things I love for that it took my mind away from my deep longing to mama's thoughts.

However, as life became good to me, I wish I could tell mama how everything is going. I keep dreaming of her lucid dreams that makes me think she knows what I'm doing. And I can think is that she is closer to me when she is an angel rather than when she was a human being.

19th July 2017