Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

Planning To Make Someone's Wishes Come True

Monica Galler! you taught us how to become cute planning freaks.

I'm opening the first page of my fuschia planner and scribbling down:

"23rd of February, I have faith in you"


It's the deep, mad, insane love that takes you in a storm of expressions. It leaves you expressionless at times, if there is such a word. Nothing is enough, everything is adequate. You need to give more and say more and do more. Hoping that it reflects just an ounce of whatever you feel in your heart.

Officially drowning.

There is no better love, that loving your dear ones unconditionally.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


The hardest word I could say
The most hurtful situation I could encounter

We said goodbye to so many people in our life.  Those who we chose to leave in their own path, and those who left us without any notice.  Physically and emotionally, a shadow of emptiness darkens our days.

Saying goodbye to places we once had the best memories will do just the same.

Leave your pride aside, tell those who you love, I love You.

Tell them life without their smile; our soul is not worth living.

- Dedicated to Nawal.  Allah yer7amch
You left a legacy behind you. 
Your stories, your life is a school of it's own.               
I never met you, but you sure changed my core. 

Abu Dhabi Through "My" Eyes

It is the closest feeling to a bride in her big wedding day.  A day I was recognized in the well-known "Abu Dhabi Through Your Eyes 2009 - 2010" photography competition.  My flamingos were chosen as one of the highlighted contributions among 4000 pictures.

My friends, my family, my work mates, my dentist, everyone I could recall praised me.  The feeling was indescribable.

Appreciation is the secret behind devotion.  

p.s Thank you for being there, yes You!

My Cabbage Salad, My Cubicle & I

It was a Ghost town of its own.

Three floors of dimmed lighted little cubicles. No one was there except for the Fake-Smile security guy at the reception.

I was there, facing my laptop, completely transformed in my outlook email; I lost track of time and my Social life.

However, it never occurred to me, after working a shift of 14 hours, that I was Okay with it. Deep down in my heart, I felt I was doing the right thing. And that's when I realized the ultimate fact:

I love what I do. El7amdule'Allah 

Monday, February 8, 2010

In a Beautiful Day

What's better thing to do, in the middle of the day, than enjoying a hot dog at the beach with one of my favorite friend's.

To always creating "that" kind of memories.

Happy Birthday MzMz. I love you to an infinite extent.

Friday, February 5, 2010

عسى وقتك يوافق

Few weeks ago, I was sad over the fact that whatever replaced my older habits now; is making me feel bored and serious at times.  I felt like I wanted to do everything I used to do back in university and the years before. 

The equation was so simple: watch friends in the mornings, have your short skinny lattes and go to Marina Mall in the afternoon.  And oh, not to forget, listening to my Abdulkareem and Abdu oldies. 

Today, I decided to ditch my already-ditched finance books, and go out with mama and lil sis.  I was in the mood for extreme relaxation.  Think tod's loafers, leggings and my flowing abaya. We hit marina mall.  
In every corner, I reminded mom of the times when she used to take me out of school and have lunch in IKEA.  I felt like I went to marina mall with my school uniform more than the times I dressed up. 

The weather also, was out of this world.  It compensated for the sand storm that happened yesterday. 

Again, my guts proved that 2010 is MY year!  El7amdle'Allah