Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back To Life

I never thought I'd be able to check one of the places which shaped my skills, interests, friendships for so long. Thankfully, Flickr is no longer banned in the UAE.
Mabrook photography fans. Here's to a time spent looking at the beautiful, colorful and happy side of life.

Your Life Values

What are yours?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Love You All

Enjoying hearty breakfasts, jogging on the treadmill next to you, telling you at your worst that you are the most beautiful person they have seen.
Not to mention, spending 2 hours on the phone putting back senses into your mind when you almost want to give up. Not realizing you had already slept off in the mid of the call; that is what I call the definition of true friends.
Friends are those who put your happiness before theirs, and who consider your success a reason of pride and joy for them.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Perfection is a Myth

A missing tile here, a broken bulb over there, and a wrecked heart sitting in an abandoned armchair, counting the moments they wished they could go back in time and change whatever happened.
I think the word “Perfect” was invented to make us feel bad. Nothing really resembles the word perfect. Isn’t it a fact?
On the meantime, we try to live with the mere perfections we were blessed with. The good health, the greatest company and the hearts of those who love us and care about us genuinely are what should keep us going.
We all have flaws. You & me, we do things and give ourselves the excuse to do so, shouldn’t we allow others to make mistakes and allow our heart and mind to forgive and forget?
Shouldn’t we be clearer that we are just like everyone else, not perfect, just Human.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Positivity Counts

For something apparently.

I’ve been riding this boat since 14th of March, 23 years ago.

When I was a kid, I never paid attention to where that boat was heading. Mom & dad took care of that. They shielded me from everything! The only thing I used to see is the sun rays and the beautiful big fishes in the sea. My brothers and I used to play all the time. The top of our worries was why we have to sleep so early and leave that fun behind. When the sun was eaten by the sea, Mama tucked us in bed while telling us the story of the sheep whom their mama asked them never to open the door for strangers. We closed our eyes drowning in the ocean of our dreams. Only the smell of mama’s peanut butter sandwiches woke us up, or as she used to call them “Banat Beter”

As we grew up, our personalities and leadership started forming up, we no longer wanted our parents to take us everywhere, at times; we actually wished to sail the opposite way. We accused our parents that they don’t understand us. We always wanted “our” way. Until the day came where we took the wheel and decided to sail our own boat.

What a big mistake.

Little did we know, the sea has waves, sharks, and it becomes dark and scary at night. Where was I all that years! How come I didn’t see all this.

I hit rock bottom and I pick myself up. I hold on to my life with my brothers, and my friends.

Throughout the years, the boat became too heavy with the stuff we stored and the guests that came to sail with us.

It was so easy for us to just throw everything in the sea, and forget about. If we disliked anything, we thought it will be forgotten forever.

Again, little did we know, in a very cold night where the winds are way stronger than our little boat tolerance point, us and the boat are pulled down to the bottom of the sea. The place where once we threw everything forgotten. No wonder in hard times, the only thing we remember is our past.

As the journey continued going forward, we learned that for every wave, there is another one to pull you back. For every ugly shell, there is a beautiful pearl hidden inside. And for that weary soul, there is little voice inside of you that tells you, I’m here taking this journey with you.

Dedicated to my parents and those who made me who I am today.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Last Supper

It's a wonderful feeling when you do things as if it will be the last time. You put so much thoughts and passions into it, that anything so simple becomes a big deal for you.