Friday, November 21, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

Break a Leg

My beauuuutiful team at work. i.e littly bully & Sara started this whole "Break a leg, it's Ohkaaay" kinda saying. It's how each encourage the other that no matter what we face at work it's gonna be fine. Just like breaking a leg :P

I just want everyone to start using it, because it does give a good feeling afterwards.

Say it the most nonchalant way and let it goooo ;) whther it's a problem you're facing at work, school, home, Anything! Life is too short to be lived worrying about these things.

On the other hand, I've been meaning to post about my trip to Dubai Mall except I haven't lol So enshallah I will post Piiiixxx of the newest eddition of shopping malls here in the country. 3ala golaat Bestie Salama "It's our new HeadQaurters"

Friday, November 14, 2008

weekend again and again

Welcome the new batch of kittens in our house. So tiny & ugly :P

Abdulkareem Abulqader song kept repeating on my head while shooting this pic :
ذبل هالورد بعد مافارقه الساقي من يرويه؟
تعال ارجع و اذا بعمري بقى باقي بشوفك فيه

How do you usually spend your Fridays ?

Mine is always about catching up with my family. Ever since I was a student, I can only sit with my family for an hour or two, then I disappear into my world aka my room.

So today went like this :

-Breakfast with my mom and brother

-In my room cleaning and getting rid of unnessary makeup and cosmetices

-lunch with the family

-got my camera and sat outside snapping pix

- back to my room watching Grey's Anatomy

-With mom, bro and sis sipping Chai Za'atar outside

- back in my room, txting, watching tv, planning on my December shopping list

- Dinner sent to my room, so I eat alone and now I'm watching Friends *love*

All I'm thinking about is tomorrow's plan. I totally forgot that my favorite movie is out already. Night in Rodanthe, remember my post about this movie months back? yey it's showing now. And Oh the fact that I'm officially converting into a blackberry anytime next week.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Joody

Today is Joody's Birthday. If you know me! you will know that joody & I tag along everrrywhere around the city. We have been going to almost all the random places here & there. If one thing reminds me of Joody, I would say her sweetest tooth! she can eat chocolate all day long *mashallaah* & still crave more.

I can't forgot that day when I screamed at this old flirty guy at cinnabon! Omg we just have the funniest accidents together.

& Rainforest cafe in the states! our coats were soaked from one of the water games & we went into this lame cafe discussing our future weddings. Her cousin was saying: aah in my wedding, I only want my inner circle of family to attend & I will have the most classy wedding.

That's when Joody out of no where screamed: what? My wedding will have 3000 guest, in 3 tents & I will wear the Most Manfooooosh dress everrrr!!

Happy birthday my dear friend, You are truly a gem & I hope Allah will bliss you with all the things you wish for *heart*

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Foug 3alli el so7obeee

lol, couldn't find a better title, than my mom's favorite song.

Today was my first official day at work. So far so good! everyone seemed energetic & they know what they are doing by heart mashallah! I did struggle a bit with my very first task. But I left the office at the end of the day looking forward to the next. That is exactly how I measure my enjoyment with anything! the feeling whether I want to do it again or not :)

On the other hand, me & my colleagues decided to have sushi for lunch! I felt that I ate lots of "fish" for the past week.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

To rememeber

Listening to: Mafeeni Shay- Thekra

Special things displayed on my gifts corner *Hearts*

"I fall for you" Mug. A birthday gift from Bestie Shwai5. It is So cuuute, I only use it to drink my Panadol soluble whenever I'm struck with migraine. For some reason, I believe it has a curing power.


Mrs. Noseless. A funny kisha lady with yummy chocolate hidden under her dress. A very thoughtful souvenir from Bestie Salama from her trip to Germany. I already ate all the chocolates, but I love glancing at her everyday.

To remember: Small gestures count for the world

Goals for Life

Laugh about it now
Better than ..... months later

When you are intentionally pulled into a huge dispute, you just have to step up and handle all the drama by yourself.

I'm trying to soothe down the situation for myself! I wanna look at the bright side of this problem. The problem, I'm sooo was not in the mood for! I made some 911 decisions, and I hope those solutions will work out.

Saying that! I'm listening to my favorite dusty song *elasmaraneyah* etwannesss.

And at the end of the day. I salute myself for the inner power of "I want". The power that made me snap an arrow with my neck! as weird as it sound! I did it. Some people decide to walk bare foot over burning charcoal. I made an arrow split into 3 pieces

Before it's too late, start writing down your goals. Remember goals in your head will always stay in your head! but once you write them down you are declaring it will one day see the world. So far, I have 50 goals to be accomplished. From learning french to donating an organ. Let your mind wander.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm Hyper Because

I love you all. ha sho rayekm :P loool

- I'm typing this post while dancing over the drumming sound coming from our neighbors' house. They are celebrating their son's wedding. Wanasa, I love it when our "Freej" has a wedding! all the neighbors will be making dresses & having their hands designed with Henna :D Kind of rare in this time of our life, where people seldomly care about those living next door. Maybe that's explains the fact that my parents are living in the same area for the past 25 years.

- Having sushi two days in a row. Caterpillar rolls! oh my endless love. For those visiting/living in Abu Dhabi, head out to Wasabi. But don't order their tempura, tasteless :x

- Watching too much tv shows during these past days. Too much McDreamy is Ohkazaay ;)

Gotta Sleep now.

Nightie Night. Gorgoues people!