Monday, August 31, 2009

The other 7amada

For those who watched "Fe'6a galbha abya'6" last Ramadan. 7amada was the super adorable boy, Su3ad Abdullah claimed to be her son. Now he is all grown up in "Um el Banat".

Although I don't know what Is his real, nor anything honestly. But he Is one of those lil kids I instantly feel attached to.

Is this normal?
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Friday, August 28, 2009

It's weekend

And it's time to roll up my sleeves and help mom in the kitchen.

What are you guys cooking in Ramadan ?

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A drawing session with my lil sis. It's very uplifting especially when she think I'm the next Da Vinci. I wish I could improve my humble drawing skills.
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Little Puffs

My sister's own creation. I promised her, one day I will open her own Bakery.

Today I went back to work after my three weeks annual leave. Nothing has changed except the place being more and more quite. It's very killing for the extrovert that I am. However, I missed my cute and bubbly team. And the fact that they were extremely happy to see me meant so much.

On the other hand, I drove for an Hour to go back home. A series of accidents closed down all the exits of the city. Frustration was everywhere around me. In the voices of my friends driving the same routs and the girl's facebook status bars since checking your FB was a cool option while waiting for el "faraj".
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Friday, August 21, 2009


Mohammed is the son of my bestie/cousin "z". I love him to the extent, I named myself his godmother. I'm still not sure what responsibilities that entitles me to lol.

Isn't he such a cutie ?

Today, me and my little sis decided to make some dessert. Mom got this new hand-held mixer and we wanted to try it out. Baked Cheesecake was our choice. Oh boy what a failed attempt. I don't know what is the deal with me and dessert making. It never turns out right. Although the cheesecake tasted delish, but it looked horrible. The crust was very butter-y and the filling was only half an inch :(

Pre Ramadan Thoughts

Although a sudden stomachache is bugging me right now. I really want to greet you all, for the upcoming holly month of Ramadan. It always always feels special and different. And no ramadan feels like the previous one.

Tonight, I went grocery shopping with my parents. The last time I went to this supermarket with my dad was couple of years ago. I used to have only one class at the university and every time my dad picks me up, we had to pass by this supermarket. My favorite part was piling every thing I want into the trolly. I never cared how much, how many!. All I knew dad is paying. He had always warned me that the day will come when I handle my own stuff. And it did come. Gosh how much I hate responsibilities! lol financial ones of course.

Every time I promise mom that this time I will really be there for her cooking lessons. It takes me two times and I slack around. But this time, I want to make it happen. I want to learn how to make our proper rice with different side dishes :D and probably invite my besties to try'em out.

Off-topic, I really really miss my grandma. I hope she is living with us rather than miles away. I feel like I'm going to regret every second of my life I spent without her presence.

Shosho: Happy belated birthday my sweetest friend. 7agch 3alay :( prepare yourself for a legaimat-full day at my place

Monday, August 17, 2009

A Great "You"

You always make me feel bad when I:

- Eat Pizza or Pasta
- Say the New rashid is as good as the new Majeed
- Nag about someone
- Don't go to the gym
- Drive fast
- BB while driving
- Sleep late
- Say Coffee is ugly
- Debate Friends is better than Seinfeld
- Share my opinion it all ........ etc

Regardless, when the times come and I need you, your big ears are ready and set to take it all in.

You truly stand out of the crowd :)

Here's for the one person I care not to lose.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

If we could do anything, we could do this!

Little gestures have a great impact on people.

In this particular time of the year. The heat! Humidity and the increasing number of workers under the sun. What could we do?

"Cold Water Campaign" is basically distributing water bottles to workers on the street. Those who we pass through and see while we're cruising around the city.

Just think of the "Ajer" from Allah to quench the thirst of the workers. Their thankful smiles would keep you going the who day if you could.

It's very simple. Buy a box of water bottles from your nearest supermarket. Keep the box opened next to you and cruise the street happily us your usual days. Once you see a group of workers, just stop and offer them the bottles. Believe me they won't say no. Bl3aks they would come rushing with a huge smile on their faces. This could also be a great activity for a group of friends. And it's also open for a little creativity.

Let's make our city, our life a better one :)

P.s bloggers you are welcome to distribute the message in your spaces.
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A collection of thoughts

In any kind of relationship. There got to be limits drown to where a discussion should end. To where a comment could be thrown in the middle.

I have always thought saying things is as easy as making it happen. But it wasn't. Don't we sometimes regret representing ourselves as the sweetheart in relationships. The person who is the "sponge" in the relationship

I built my way of dealing with people according to the saying "treat others like you want them to be treated". But I guess the other parties sometimes think selfishly. They say whatever they want because they are "something" to you. In other words "ymonooon 3alaina"

Since there is nothing called a perfect relationship. Allowing few incidents to sneak in is normal. Because it show you one or two things about yourself. About how you dragged yourself to the bottom. The bottom of what could be called a relationship.

On the higher note. There are the people who understands you perfectly. Who respects you for who you are; they see you as a combination of feelings. They know what to say, what to do in the right time. They fail to make you angry or sad. Guess what! those people are not your closest. They are from your reach. We always like to be around our opposites.


Yesterday. I was wondering why god created the life cycle?

Why do people die! I don't want my life to stop being normal after anyone close to me "just stop being there"

Having thought of that. Mom was struck with her Migraine day. We all know when that simple thing happens she has to be rushed to the hospital because ain't nothing could soothe the pain unless it's an injection of Voltarine. Just seeing her being sick, made me think of the huge responsibility I have toward my brothers. I have to mentally grow myself 10 years older to be with them while she's at the hospital.

What's even more fascinating that I myself have a smoother version of migraine that comes now and then. It s fascinating to me because it makes me feel excatly how my mom goes through. They say doctors can't feel our pain. Because they simply don't know the kind of pain we go through. But when it comes to my mom, I know excatly what she feels. I can touch the right nerves and feel her pain. I know what to massage and what not to touch. Sub7an Allah.


Pre-Ramadan time feels dull this year. It feels like summer then somehow it's Ramadan time. not quite right!
I hate the messages I get about forgiving others. I think people should ask for forgiveness all the time. "if" they knew they hurt others. They shouldn't wait for Ramadan. Or not bad talk about people throughout the year and use the holly month as an excuse to forgiveness. I don't know it gets to me. Anyho. Allah Ysami7 el jmeee3 :)


It' funny that I was watching Bee Movie and Barry the Bee "narrated by the brilliant Jerry Seinfeld" was saying that rather than feeling angry and stinging others which will obviously kill the bee himself, he jokingly suggested writing an angry letter and throwing it away. In my case, typing an angry post always cools me down.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

La Dolce Vita

I loved every moment I spent in Italy. I ate so much and drank a lot of coffee that I can't focus till the end of this post.

I'm just speechless of how wonderful Italians are. Very "very" respectful to our culture. Their laid back lifestyle is unbeatable.

For some reason, every time I travel, I get hooked to Kathem Al Saher music. This time, it's "Ana wa Layla". I feel like he is really singing to me ;)

Back Home

Nothing feels like Home. Like the crisp white sheets, the rich warm duvet and the smell of my lemon shower gel.

For the past 10 days I spent abroad I honestly didn't miss anything back in the country. I was on touch with my loved ones and that what mattered the most to me.

Until I unpack my so over weight luggage and clean up my room. I will update about the Fab time I had.

Stay tuned :)

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So Romantic

Adish Kan fe nas, 3al mafra2 ton6or nas!

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009

when you are completely disappointed

You become hostile. You count the moments you spent with them. You count the amount of stories you told them. You count the times you talked about them in front of everyone. You count the moments you thought you are the luckiest.

Until, you see their other side. The darkest most hidden side.

And guess what, it's the side that they say they completely disapprove, they loathe to see it on other people. They make you believe they are a blessing from god and one of a kind.

This post is dedicated to those who everyday, we discover; they weren't worth our time.