Monday, August 1, 2016

a Year in a flash


Hubby poured me Green tea, my ideas started coming to me as I watched the steam coming off the mug and relaxed in front of my screen.

I can hear him watching House of Cards season 4 in the background. When Francis Underwood utters his senctences: the worst thing about common sense is that its common.

I am two week away from packing my suite cases and flying to my home, a place that is far from home, but holds the person who will always hold me to the ground, mom.

She is still in NYC a city I have always loved and admired, and secretly wished I could live in my teen years. A year ago, we packed both of us and flew to a 2 bedroom apartment in Upper West Side. Nothing was ever planned. God planned everything to us literally. We quickly blended in that neighborhood as if we lived their our whole life.

We familiarized ourselves with the surrounding, a doorman, a Starbucks right around the corner, A UPS Store for my quick runs to print things for my floweshop, and a line up of grocery stores with all sort of Kales I could remember names for.

When I left, I did not want to say goodbye to anyway. I just left, sent a msg while I was about to buckle my plane seat belt and switched off my phone. I stayed away for good. I still do not know what happened to me.

But I needed solitude. I needed to swallow what came my way rushing me to start living again.

I stop typing for a second, take a sip of that tea. return it back and type this.

Fast forwarding my life to today. I love what I have gained from this experience. And I am very grateful that I went through it early in my life. For it showed me the true colors of what is worth your time.

After being a crying baby for years and years, I find myself thinking three times before drifting a tear. they are waste of my energy and my thoughts.

To be continued.....