Friday, October 31, 2008


Listening to: Akeed abaz3al - Thekra

Things change all the time, It's our life cycle.

I have always welcomed that change with open heart. Knowing that whatever comes is for the best. But later on, I would suddenly be reminded that I miss old days. I miss those simple chats, open conversations & being completely carefree in life.

Two days ago, my mom's "business number" rang @ 1 a.m, we thought oh what a "mitfare'3" customer calling at this time. Mom listened to the other line very carefully without saying a word. Thought to myself " well that's weird no negotiation!"

She hang up the phone & said: I'm asked to Cater a funeral for a 20 years old guy who passed away on an accident today.

Things change in a split of a second. Ironically, I witnessed that accident on my way to work in the morning, I was trapped on one street for half an hour, cursing my bad luck & being always late.

On the funeral, my mom's employees told her that his father was crying like a baby. Unconscious repeating: He was here yesterday! my only son laughing with his sisters yesterday!

I may not know the guy, nor his name or even his family, but can't help not to feel completely shattered of how things change like that!

So not all changes are welcomed after all.

Side note: You changed! & I don't know why.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Enjoy it while it last

Listening to: Abdu - elwannah *endless love, endless mind wanderings*

I've been enjoying these two days, so much. Period

My Dream office. Still one year to go.

*N*'s sweet gestures, math puzzles during our long site tours, but since I suck in math, didn't get any gifts lol how dumb

Baskin, Hagen, Cold stone, WHAT? Mini melts rule

Indian Lunch today
A giant Chili flavored Chips

  • Salama: if something makes your day! then it makes mine too *hugz*
  • Yasmine: if you're reading this. You're the sweetest ever! enjoyed every bits of today & sorry for driving you crazy :P
  • Little Bully & Luqman: Couldn't ask for more hilarious colleagues than you girls. Waking up in the morning became so much fun now.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


So me & my bro decided to be spontaneous & do something different this weekend. I kept thinking well I might just book me a nice relaxing day at the spa. Not until my bro called me & said: yalla pack, we're going to Kuwait on the weekend & cousin Ahmad is joining us too.

Huurrraaay! The last time I've been to Kuwait, I was only 6 years old, Gosh mn zemaan!! so I was soo excited, Packed super lightly & prepared myself emotionally not to be sad if this plan doesn't work out. But with the power of I WANT!! it happend.

Now I just got back like an hour ago, but I left my heart in Kuwait :P It was such a joyful, delightful, just AMAZING trip.


- The unexpected welcome from my Kuwaity cousins at the airport, Oh my god, they showered me with flowers & candies infront of all the crowds. lots of hugs & tears. it's like being separated from your twin for 20 years LOL kinda.

- Out n About everywhere. Chili'es @12 a.m which I have to say should send all our Chili's to SHUT DOWN & declare failure. My god mashallah mashallah 3ainy 3alaihm bardh. Even when it was packed like I have never seen before, the service was exceptional, the food was ahmaaaazing! seriously So NOT like our lame chili's. Acually when my cousins first told me we're going there, I hesitated saying yes. But thank god I did :)

- Maki Japanese restaurant a la shwai5. Go Unagi & tempura maki ;)

- Sea cruise from Souq Sharq at sunset & the breezy weather. LOVED IT.

- Sultan centre & bread shopping for my mom :P

- The heart to heart with Marayem my cousin. I am born 25 days before marayem. That makes her & my cousin Z the oldest friends I have. During this year, me & marayem had the exact same drama happening in our life but neither of us realized that each drama repeated itself for both of us. it was actually very frightening, whenever I say something, she opens her eyes wide open & say: IT HAPPENED TO ME TOO. Sub7an Allah

- My aunts husband who is a photography genius. He has his own studio & editing room in the house. I felt like I know nothing about photography, but he taught me so many useful tips.

lol I'm overwhelmed, I'll leave you with the pix now. Enjoy

Waiting for our flight


Bro chatting with the pilot

Abraj el Kuwait


Kakaw bo Njoom :P

The Avenues Mall

So spacious, yshra7 el 9adrrr

KK all the way

Maki Japanese Restaurant

EDITED: that's NOT Souq el Manaa5 :P I'm sure all musalsalat Junkie heard this word like million times

Away from Souq Sharq

Flying back to the UAE =(

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Be the change

"You must be the change you want to see in the world" Mahatma Gandhi

This picture was taken Today, a year ago!

October is the Breast Cancer awareness month. We as females, should be really conscious about this issue. It has been affecting so many woman in our society. Awareness is the key to prevent it from spreading among us. I have known so many people who lost a dear one because of breast cancer. it's just so sad! & it's even Sadder when you know that 90% of those cases could have been cured if it was diagnosed on the earlier stages.

That's why, since we are on the active age, we like to go around, experience things. We should use our potentials on something other than shopping, we should do something to help our humankind.

Don't say that there is nothing we could do! I'll tell you what!
Last year, me & my friends took the initiative to do something on the smaller scope. So we had a donation campaign ran at our campus. We:

- Sold pink & white ballons,
- Sugarbox cupcakes, also Little B & her cousin's cupcakes
- Pink T-shirts
- evething you could think of being Pink Pink Pink
- Drumming session that engaged the whole university

All proceeding donations went to the nearby hospital who offer women the needed treatment. I can't begin to express how great I felt after that day. I felt that my existence is precious! Like I could do more, I could give more. And I'm sure, Once I leave this life, people won't remember how stylish I was, or how my skin looked like, they will remember our good well & spirit to help those less less fortunate. True, organizing the whole thing was so tiring, I was out with my friend joody for almost 10-15 hours buying & bargining stuff from the most hidden places on the city. But it was worth it at the end!

This year, Since I'm kinda adjusting myself to the new changes in my life, I couldn't manage to do it, yet I'm positive it's only the begning for even bigger & bigger achievments.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Hate

I Hate:
  • People screaming: GOOLE MASHALLAH. over anything in life, even if it was admiring a stupid ..... Some people compliment you to be nice, not because they actually like your ..... :X
  • Not being corrected when I pronounce a word oh-so-wrong. I'm still learning my friends :)
  • Walking down the street & the glaring sun standing vertically on top of my head. I could fry an egg seriously
  • Feeling sleepy all the time
  • Not being able to enjoy Chocolates & Coffee like normal people. Stupid Migraine urgghh
  • My eyes getting smaller! or that's what I'm imaging

To be continued......

lool sorry shway mi7tarraa

Friday, October 17, 2008


And they lived happily ever after. Hopefully!

Hamda's wedding was spent wisely if I could say, catching up with my friends whom I haven't seen for the past 4 months. I was triple as hyper & gorgeous as like no other day "e7m e7m" loool No seriously I loved me yesterday.

You deserve all the happiness in the world. allah yhannech & 3gbal el singles out there ;) *Silently whispers Ameen haha*

Today, Had a fun day out with my mom, brother & sister. Lunch @Beilla, beach sighting & finally the games area next to Marina mall, it was hilllaarious, riding the games & acting childish all over again.


Salama, I'm proud of you, from the bottommost of my heart *Love ya*

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Last Cheese

Typing while admiring my pampered tips & toes with essie bloody red polish. lol moving on. Just had a handful of french fries & supposedly a healthy grilled burger. Whom to fool my dearest Layla! I just want to be less guilty of all these bad choices I make. True I never ever regret anything, except when it comes to food, I slightly do.

So those who work! do you usually gain or lose weight while working! & by working I physcially mean having an office kinda job?

Oh by the way, Abu Dhabi girls, head out to the newly opened tips&toes salon, it's a really nice Salon & Spa for those looking for something similar to Sharanis Spa. Yet it's located inside the city. But still, nothing beat Sharanis my friends.

Tips & Toes Location:
AlKhaleej Al Arabi Street
right turn after the Gulf Diagnostic centre traffic signal
left, the second villa which is painted with red strips

Telephone Number:

Monday, October 13, 2008

Field Trip

What's better than welcoming the new grown up phase by reminding us of the inner kid spirit we have. It felt so weird, being grown up heading to the unknown, yet going through a place I left 4 years ago. School. Phew such an old dusty place.

We had a cute field trip along with my work colleagues to one of the company's project. Al Yasmina School. Observed every corner of the place, obliged not to sit on the tiny chairs of the KG classes & blown away at the design classes using the latest mac computers " even better than my University's Lab lel2asaf " & everything from the textile classes to the lunch hall which one of the kids described as a " shopping mall"

Rode the bus back to the company, chit chatting with the coolest group of fresh grads from London whom I swear one look like Prince Harry & the other like David Beckham. So far so good. Tomorrow is my last day at the work induction. Hopefully will start the real thing very soon. Yesterday before sleeping I kept repeating: I love you Allah I love you Allah I love you Allah. Until a smile instantly formed on my face & I closed my eyes hoping everyday is like today.


Let me just say, I never knew what an Induction is until I had to attend one :P thanx to my limited "Friends series" vocabulary.

Today. Or shall I say Yesterday 12th of October was my very first day at this induction thingie. Basically, it's all about getting to know my work colleagues, learning about the company, what's out benefits & responsibilities.

Let me get to the fun part rather than bore you with the details that acually left me drained by the end of the day. First, I mixed up the timing & arrived hour and half earlier than the actual timing. I would have gone to the mall to kill time, but stayed at the foyer just looking at people running here & there. It was acually a delight to find some of my former classmates joining with me, so I wasn't a looner after all & spent time catching up.

Our first task to pick a partner, get to know about his background & come in front of everyone to intruduce him. I had to sit with an Iraqi Lady who turned out very sweet & chatty just like me :$ haha. We had to come up interesting factors about ourselves. So mine was that I memorized Friends script by heart.. etc.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A new day has come

It's literally my last day being free. Owning myself to myself! lool I sound like am getting married or something, well it is actually like that, am marrying myself to my new job. I've yet to know if the choice I made is the right one. Let's hope after 6 months I post saying am enjoying it.

Today, me & my cousin Layla * yep we share the same name too ;) * anyway we had a Noodle house take out which we enjoyed at her place. Poor thing Layla has the toughest job on earth: listening to me while I dwell over my life, my dreams-yet to happen & the smashed ones. Today the topic was the latter one. I hate it I hate it I HATE IT. I noticed whenever I'm pissed I would murmur Mohammad Abdo's song El wannah! it's shway comforting to me for some reason. So while doing that, Layla put the most wanasa song everrr & we started doing our stupid moves & cracking up. That's how my mood is instantly changed to be better. Layla you are the BEST

Gotta go, do the coolest job now :D Choosing my outfit for tomorrow yeeey!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The wonders of the Aspirin Mask

P.S typing this post while the mask is on right now.

First check out this website for the complete article. I was first introduced to this mask by my gorgeous friend Diorella.

I have a very sensitive skin toward climate changes & obviously using new cosmetics. So While I was in Bahrain I got Sisly tinted moisturizer. BAM, my skin got red pimples all over. I kept on using Dalacin T every 5 minutes to control the reaction, Until I thought why not give this mask a chance.

Let me tell you this: it is a MIRACLE!! my skin is much much better in just one use. Bear on mind I only dissolved 2 tablets while it should be 7 or 10 each time.

YALLA girls & GUYS, try it out, it's amazing!

What a wonderful world

I see friends shaking hands, saying how do you do?
They're really saying: I love you ;)

This is my happy-mood song. It makes me feel like oh life is really wonderful. Back in my internship at the bank, There was this huge parking problem around the condensed area, so I had to park & walk for around 7 minutes each day *Yep I counted it*. The highlight of these daily walks was
particularly this song . I would plug in my ipod & I smile at the scenes I see everyday; Parents kissing their children before they ride the school bus, Indian restaurants frying smelly samboosa mn 9ba7 allah 5air. The Lebanese grocery guy with his extra hair gel, lining up the new newspapers in front of his store & most of all the security dudes with their big smiles welcoming me into the bank. Truthfully, listening to Louis Armstrong would always put me in a great mood.

So if you wanna look forward to your days, pick a nice calm song that takes all the negative vibe & energizes you for a new begining.

Yesterday I was told that some of my posts made people cry. 7aram, I'm really sorry for putting you in a bad mood, I don't want to depress anyone, but I really like to acknowledge the feelings I have, sadness as well as happiness & I noticed I have more to say when my mood is not okay lol.

Today was also one of the longest days I had, It began with my recruitment medical check... etc, oh you know what Let me list it in points better:

- I gained WEIGHT! as if it's not noticeable :P
- Got to meet those who will join the company with me.
- the stupid nurse couldn't find the vein in my hand, so now am left with a green bluish bruise in my arm. too bad
- I took my laundry & made my new shopping list for work. New Abayaa for god sakessss
- Starbucks chicken & rosemary sandwich = it smells like gravy :S

I gotta go finish watching SATC now, I'm exctied to start watching Grey's season 4 on DVD. I missed Seattle grace hospital. I know season 5 is out already, but I love watching it on DVD :D

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

At Last

Listening to: Hatha ely shayef nafsa

Today was a refresher for me *yaay*
It began when my mobile started ringing Abdo's favorite song : tdalal, tedalal 3alaina ya semmei el '6abbe wish 3ad! @9 in the morning.

the screen flashed the workplace number, did a little melodic la la laaaa to sound casual & so not asleep.

Me: Hello!!

The lady : good morning Layla, would you kindly come to sign your recruitment contract?


Stormed out after waking up my parents jumping that finally it's my DAY. Since I'm still considered daddy's little girl, we went together to open up a new bank account & copy my papers. It was too cute from him & also very expected. In case some might wonder, am so dependent on my parents in these stuff *blush*

Before going to the company & signing all the papers, I had a lunch date with my Mzmz & her super cool friend. Had Sushi & chit chatted about everything over Mint Chai. I know I haven't been such a reliable friend toward Mzmz these past months. We've been planning outs & it's always me who have something else & cancels. But if you reading this Mzmz, let me tell you that You're still my Mzmz no matter what

Mzmz has such a funny nonchalant personality. She always comes up with these out of place comments , I give her the Maroco-face & we both crack up afterward.

During our time in college, we played a big influence for each other. I'm glad that mzmz taught me what real friendship is, how to look after your friends & never miss the chance to ask about them. I hope you still have the after 20 years letter I wrote you!

Mzmz you're very sweet, genuine & sensitive as it gets. Hope one day I see you married to the handsomest guy ever * a jet-setter too LOL * & with your pheabe children with their beautiful eyes @_@ just like their mom ;)

bear in mind I'm typing this post with my pink shower cap waiting for Fekkai hair mask to work on my hair :P so mind my ramblings. so anyway, after finishing my papers at the workplace. Me & little bully decided to have a saffron milk tea to soothe my nerves.

Lots of Love to Mzmz & her never ending day dreaming sessions.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I Love you Bahrain

Listening to: 3alli Gara *Oud* by saber al Reba'eee
Craving: Grey's Anatomy

My ways of killing time

Took off, Byebye AD

The weird eggplant thingies. LOL tasted so good though

Needed a time to rest

Me & my mom chilling after breakfast & thinking: hm so where shall we start exploring?

Firs stop! Of course :P but we already did that the day before.

Bahrain World Trade centre, also housing the high-end Moda Mall, the best brands seekers paradiseYep Laduree in Bahrain World Trade Centre too :D
Al Aalli Mall in the morning, super laid back

Lovely way to start your day, so far the best place I loved

Eating louz in our way to the farm, so tangy yumyum

Finally before taking off, skinny Latte with my Marie Claire still surviving.

Today I got back from the most fabulous days spent in the beloved kingdom of Bahrain. Me, my mom & her friends traveled to attend their other friend son's wedding.

I have always always loved Bahrain. I love the country & ah their super nice people & their accent allayyy. I wonder why people talk about how nice foreigners & neglect the awesomeness of Bahrainy people. They never ever held back to offer us help, question whether we are Saudi, Qatari, Kuwaity, LOL they never guess emarati though. And don't get me started on their traditional Sweets. Oh my am a huge fan of Mattay. It was actually my first purchase there, I couldn't wait until i get back to the hotel to munch over it, I was walking in the mall with my hand disappeared in the mattay bag :P such a delight. That's why when my mom offered me to go along with her, it took me nothing to flash a grin & run to my room packing instantly. I didn't know that I will encounter such an memorable events.

At the day of the wedding which was held at the Ritz Hotel. We stayed until morning dancing the night out :D it was super fun & exquisitely decorated. I have to say, their wedding planners deserve an applause *Claps* I love dolling up for parties, getting my hair done effortlessly sleek, makeup & mom's constant screams to stay away from the Cameras :P

My Highlight of the whole wedding day was bumping into a Saroooonh. My KG friend. Never ever did I had in mind that I will see her. 7ayateeeee we hugged for what seemed like an hour, spent the whole time filling each other about our lives, She got married, moved to Qatar & have the cuuutest lil Al Danah baby girl. Seeing Sara reminded me that no matter how life drift us apart, there must be a day, you meet those who your soul decided to lock with. Those who were one day, your everything & bang just disappeared without any notice. The last time I've seen Sara was in Grade 12 very briefly, and I never thought I would see her again because of life dramatic changes. The only downside, that I was a bit shy, you know when you don't talk to a person for such a long time, you notice that you both have different interests after a while. That's why this part of shy-ness ruined the fact that I could have clicked more.

The next day of the wedding was spent around the pool at the farm. the weather was so breezy, I put on a summer dress & stayed chit chatting with Sara & playing with her daughter who keeps flying kisses with one finger over her mouth. super duper cute.

Finally time to say goodbye. & boy I so hate goodbyes especially to people whom I fear I might not see again. Usual symptoms of my goodbyes fears are fast heart beats, being short of breathe & tears are about to fall in seconds. That's why me & my cousin in KSA decided to never say goodbye whenever it's time for me to travel, because it's just so overwhelming.

Anyway, I said goodbye to sara & I was smashed from inside. I wanted to stay, I had so much to tell her, I wanted her to know that I missed her, but guess it was too late for that. We left & went to Al A'alli Mall little did I know the biggest surprise is awaiting me there.

My mom told me to go upstairs to the food court, she's waiting for someone. I went up & while walking toward Al Oberj Restaurant, I saw someone, someone I know by heart, my steps became so slow & I kept focusing my sight on that someone because I feared that was just a mirage & my hallucination of saying goodbye to Sara took an affect on me. But omg I wasn't.

There she was, standing there, my cousin/bestie "Z", the last time I saw her was at her wedding back in March 2008. Once I realized that she is there for real, I raced my steps forgot am surrounded by people & kept running until I hugged her & my tears were all over. I believe I was crying for seeing her & saying goodbye to Sara. Z is now pregnant as I mentioned on a previous post. So the first thing I did was touch her tiny belly & wink to her " so Firas ? or what?"

Omggg I so needed that, I missed this feeling, I missed our laughs, I missed our stupid jokes that no one gets, I missed the way our aunts looked at us every time we were together thinking: when will they ever grow up & stop laughing over anything. Sadly, after the time I graduated I felt that I became so not the usual me, I became very boring, very hard to please & entertain. I even don't find any "real" thing to laugh about. That's why I needed to get away from the fact that my life become so dull & boring. I needed a time with my extended family. A time that reminded me of Ol'days :D

Hoping that it will always be like that.

I'm back now, feeling so refreshed physically & emotionally. Thank god alfffff for everything. I thank god for reuniting me with two very dear people in my life. I hope I was that good person to deserve this. & enshallah I always be like that.

Quickies: found the perfect
H&M High waisted pants featured in my Marie Clarie that am so in love with right now.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

How I spent my Eid days

Part of the classic treats.

The Next Day:

my bro, my cousin & I decided to go to Dubai just the three of us. Wanasa the eating part but shopping with guys is soooo not recommended!

Burj Dubai standing mightily in front of the sun.

@Yo! Sushi

Ate a total of 9 sushi's, I wasn't full yet. Super delish

Chilling after a snacks shopping at Marks & Spenser cafe

@ Cafe Blanc for my Lebanese treat of Kebbeh Dipped in Hummus, Life couldn't get any better

Finished with the Yummiest Chilled Sahlab. Shwai5 I promise you with one ;)

The Next Day:

Our trip to Oman

Getting our ID's stamped before we enter the Omani boarders.

The Yummiest Ma3moool bl tamer, made by my dad's relative

Converted Already:P

The Hilal. Oh I miss Ramadan Already :(

A place that I assume used to be for guards. Since it's way up on the hill overlooking the tiny city down, you can notice the lights at the end, coming from the houses. So so beauuutiful, I left the picture unedited.


Rushed back to AD. Met my Bestie S* & had a wonderful time having an early birthday dinner. Susu I wish you everything, every bit of happiness, hyper-ness, joyful-ness, accomplishment, glory, satisfaction, every nice word that comes into your mind, I wish it for you. Your are the person I wish to hang out with every single Minute. Because you simply make me laugh my heart out, you make me realize no matter how often we dwell over life's materialistic things, it's the love & support that keep us going & grows this fondness to live longer around the people whom we are the most sincere with. I couldn't ask for a better friend :)
love you always & forver!