Thursday, July 30, 2009

How to Handle "Girls"

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Behind Every Cloud

Could we see that silver lining? *sigh*
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Sunday, July 19, 2009


I could live in there :)
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Friday, July 17, 2009

The time I realized I'm back to life

What's more "crucially" needed this time of the year? those wayferers of course. Is it navy or black? I'm kind of very sleeping deprived to focus.

I came back from my short break spent with my extended family. I lost my beloved glasses while being too busy checking my tan and scrubbing the effect of work stress and ugliness. I feel super refreshed for now, yet I feel like I went away for 10 years from my daily routine. I kind off also blame the BB hype, where I rarely check anything online other than movie sessions at the cinema.

This break also marks the progress on how I'm following the new plan for my life. The story goes back to that particular morning.

I was driving to work with my usual "Sout Al Khaleej" on the radio. The representer pointed out a study conducted at a university for a several years on two groups of people. The study concluded that those who buy "memories" with their money, turned out to be happier than those who spent their money buying things they used for a period of time i.e "clothes, jewelry, etc". That simple equation lift me completely startled for the fact that it never occured to me, the best memories I have required so little money or nothing.

Try closing your eyes and focus on the first memory that comes into your mind. It might be a laughter with a friend while cruising the car with a nice music on the background. It might be a hug you shared with a person out of bursting moment of emotions. Or it might be an ice cream scope that goes into your mouth in a very hot summer. So so many memories we could recall, none could be recalled for splurge of money. Well, the experience itself could be remembered but not the actual purchase.

So after the new revolutionary understanding of life "lol that's what I have been calling it these days", I decided to make it clear to everyone that I want to spend my break recording as much memories as I can.

Result: totally unforgettable trip. Unstopped laughters with my cousins and aunts. All nighters eating nothing but baskin robin's chocolate mousse scoped into mini cones. Stealing every moment of the day to hug my grandma and tell her how much I adore her. I even had moments where I sat just looking at her, feeding my eyes of her beautiful face. A face, I can't promise to see for years to come. A smell of oud mixed with whifs of powdery roses. And a voice that enchanted: Layla 7abeebat qalbiii everytime I passed.

Memories of travel could make up almost 70% of our bank of memories. Our 5 senses work its best when we travel. We smell, taste, listen, touch and see new things. Things that would change our way of thinking and build our life. And even if we didn't travel, opening ourselves to the opportunity of trying new things is enough.

Ain't no boundries to what a person can do.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

BB "thought"

" A person who doesn't love you at your worse, doesn't deserve you at your best"

P.s I love meaningful Blackberry broadcasts :)
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