Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Did I Make the Most of Loving You?"

It's been 9 months since it all started.

The journey of creation.

Unlike what I we see in the movies, I did not see that actual rounded bump until 2 months ago.

The bump came carrying a string of fortunate events in our life.

I found myself being more in touch with my friends & family. One to be the most grateful about is my bestie Joody coming back from her 2 months stay in Texas. Weddings, birthday celebrations, the most exquisite baby shower hosted by bestie Salama, And finally the beautiful trip to Paris, drinking all the decaf coffee accompanied by a freshly baked Pain aux raisins

That's when I realized "He" already filled our life with happiness before his arrival "Mashallah"

I loved how I had the time to workout all these Pilates moves, and then those days when I had the pleasure to sleep on the couch all afternoons drinking Jasmine green tea.

Here's to welcoming new things in our life, with an open heart and wiiiide arms.

P.s Can't wait to see you.