Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Food Post 101

For someone who considers "Grocery Shopping" a meaning to fill a Void. I lovelove food. And Since I do enjoy exploring new menus and places, I will recommend my favorite finds from time to time :)

My newest Obsession?

IL Cafe Di Roma's Thick Italian Style hot chocolate. Oh My! especially enjoyed with great laughters, sound of rain drops slightly hitting the windows and probably with the Saudi dudes chit chatting in the distance & at some point raising their voices saying " ya5eeee wish lena bl Zawaaaj" LOL


For those born in February. Happy Birthday daydreamers :) and my very early special birthday wishes goes to Mzmz. The only person I keep forgetting her birthday lel2asaf. Not this Year ma friend :D

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend 23.1.2009

And it died!

My precious 4 years old laptop :P all my pictures, my vedios, my university documents and most of all my wishlist folder. all gone. I came back from dubai excited to transfer all the beautifull picutres I have taken in the days I spent there. Unfortunatly, the screen read "Fan error" and it got shut down. Ya Allaaaah!

I was sooooo in the mood to post. But anyway Dad will take it to E3jaz, who is ism 3ala musamma, a pakistani computers genious. I just want to retrieve everything and throw it away.

This weekend I realized that if you go with the flow, stop planning every single second, the outcome is far more exciting than following anything else. I wasn't even sure i'm going , or even spending the night there.
All I know, everything happened for a reason.

I was blessed to spend the best of the best times with the bestest bestie in the whole world :D loool yeppp that's Salama.

Indulging in the yummiest pancakes outdoors, the freeezzing wind @the beach, and cruising The Walk with "ya 7a'6 3aink" blasting off the speakers. I loved every second of those two days. I enjoyed it so much that coming back to Abu Dhabi felt like a huuuuge burden over my heart.

I drove to work today with my tears all over my face. I don't know what was I sad for! because y3zz 3alay to leave all that fun behind, or because I get to see my bestie once a month or that I feel I grew up so fast and I've yet to get used to working life.

excuse me someone is having an early age crisis :P


A Journal Entry: WOW I got an award for my nonsence lol, thank you soooo much
Phenomenal Zabi: Happy Birthday domestic goddess :D
Noor: Good luck with the upcoming two months, now you have a stronger reason to hate our subways lunch
Salama: I don't care if it ruins ur tiny gamboo3a :P I'm hugging you foreverrrrrr. Lots of Looove

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Singing under the rain

Yesterday was one of the most beautifull days I witnessed in the city. The chilled weather, the deep blue sky, the tiny rain ponds formed in the street that I sadly admit it ruined my beloved ferragamo ballerinas. And the fact that I got a new Ipod car transmitter added a romantic touch to the whole atomsphere, think Abdullmajeed enchanting 7baybna.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Hardest thing is when

You cry over the shoulders of the person who made you cry in the first place.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

El Hawa Shargee

o ana galbe haweee el shargeya *Hearts*

I want to Sleeeep, I want to eat, I want to see the people I said goodbye to 8 hours ago.

I spent the weekened in KSA, shargeya to be exact,

Evey single time I go there, I come back feeling extreeeeemly depressed and lonely. Laih?

- I get to meet new people whom I bound with very fast then Bam I should say goodbye and return to my life *Winks*
- I love how I'm apprecaited there
- How everyone thinks I'm soooo gorgoues and different <<>
- Granny lives here and that's enough for me to consider KSA my home
- The life here in the UAE changed to be more individualist which I hate so much
- Their Food is ahmaaaazzzzzing

Pause ......

I'm at work now and I felt like I should let it out here. Promise with Pixx to come.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Help moi

WOHO, one of the directors at my work recognised my photographs and asked me if I could display my favorite work at a staff meeting at the end of this month. Appearanlty, every single employee will be coming to this meeting. I'm kinda confused for what to choose to be showcased! I don't even think my photographs are that good to be displayed LOL. please help me my friends, if you have seen a picture that you absolutly loved loved in my blog and you think it's worth displaying infront of 1000 employee please let me know ASAP

Who knows it might be my chance to el njoomeyah :P

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Weekend 2009

Not enough Whipped Cream ?

I never looked forward to weekends as much as I did this time. For the past couple of weeks, things weren't going great at work. Yes! problems and disputes are bound to happen with new people.
However I'm trying to think Positive and the "Let Go" technique by Marshal Goldsmith is working good with me.

Home became more of the place where my heart wants to be every time I feel mistreated at work. And Marina Mall became the place where I burn my credit card to feel slightly happier.

Today morning, I woke up energized! went to practice my new hobby then came back to watch David Letterman show while making me Hallomi Cheese sandwich grilled to Perfection.

Want the recipe? Suuuuure

- Slices of Halloomi cheese, soaked in water to get rid of excessive salt
- Cucumber
- Fresh Basil
- Sun Dried Tomato/ cut horizontally
- Tbs Pesto sauce *Optional*

Stuff all these ingredients into ur fave bread & toast it until cheese is melted. Enjoy it along with Chilllled Snapple fruit punch :D

- Mabrook Class of 2009. Finally, you did it :D
- Abeer & Hallah, You are both my mama bears

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The 100th: Great Time Flies By

In every year end, we come to celebrate the best moments we have encountered during those 365 days. The days we were blessed to live through, to share what we have and hope for the blessing to continue.

Since this is my 100th post, I decided to remind myself that after 10-15 years, I will go back and say: But you know the year 2008 was so different!

By far, this year was a big roller coaster of events that dramatically changed my life. Made me literally grow up & tickle that spot in my heart that has been long enough snoozing:
  • Starting from January with the bestestestest trip I was luckily to be part of. Lesson learned: Travel with your friends as much as you could. No matter how cool and fun are your parents, your friends are triple that fun. Especially when you fly 15 hours away from home :D
  • Feb thru April: My internship and the first glimpse at the real world outside the university bubble.
  • March. My big 21 birthday *Heartsss*
  • June. Finally graduating university with a smashing GPA & looong vacay to look for.
  • October. Landing my first official job which I'm enjoying so so much.
  • November -December . Starting the one sport I've been De Ja vu-ing about since I was a little kid *details to be disclosed soon :P *
I never made me "real" rosolution list. I just wish ely feeh el5air comes my way.

Wish you all a year full of success and tremendous fun