Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ti amo


Andrea oh Andrea.

Let's skip the part where I drove for one hour to get into the concert where it usually takes 2 minutes. Two pills of Advil to curb the migraine attack that was about to hit. Noor & I raced our steps to get into the best seating. And wow we sat on the verrry last seats at the back of the outdoors arena. The view was panoramic. The beautiful emirates palace on our right, palm trees all around us barely standing in front of the super cold wind. And Of course Andrea enchanting on a stage built literally two steps from the sea. It was Out of this Simple world.
I never loved Italy as much as yesterday.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Yes. I'm Still Here

Affa! my favorite month of the year passed so darn fast. Lel2asaf =(

I'd rather not say it was a So-So month, the good days "outperformed" the bad ones ( lol I had to use that word, I learned it ams at work)

My birthday is crowned on top of my highlight list. One word: Perfect. More than Perfect. Lovely, full of friends, family, laughter & oh yeah Surprises.

Today is Andrea Bocelli's concert. My one and only Italian affair lol. I just remember how many times I approached those local bands at hotels and restaurants to play "It's time to say goodbye". It triggered my tears in 5 seconds. I loved that song, I memorized it by heart even though I didn't understand one word. Today I'm hearing it live.

Wish you all a happy fun weekend

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Great Start

What are Birthdays without great mornings. Accompanied with a bowl of Cheerios and friends
. The happiness has filled me since yesterday with those endless lovely msgs I got. Let's just say 90% of them contained the word: Prince Charming & McDreamy ;) well who can't smile at that.

Also, I got even happier when fate took its charm and made my cousin/Bestie "Z" deliver a beauuuuutifull chubby baby boy yesterday. I warned her to wait until my birthday lol how shallow. By the way, she's the same person who had cravings over Chips Oman while she was pregnant.

And Oh the dreams I had yesterday couldn't be more perfect. Kinda so far of coming true, but still, I woke up with an ear to ear S M I L E

Gotta jump into that hot bubbly bath now and get ready for the girlie outdoors lunch today, Yaay.

Happy Birthday Pisces-ians.
We Rock & We Roll =D

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dusty Page

Tshirt painting at The Walk

Fiesta Chips makes everything feels like hOllaaaa Feistaaa

My photographs showcased at work =)

Movies tiiiiime babe. Marley & Me: Highly Recommended





I give up! thinking of a nice update here at work is useless. Such a gloomy place today. And what's with those continues weird dreams I keep dreaming. One day I woke over cloud #9. And Today it was such a freaky dream. Anyway it might be part of me adjusting to working life again. Oh Have any of you done something fun this holiday?

I spent mine between Dubai & Ras Al Khaimah. I started enjoying the latter more than I thought I will. Certain memories from all the childhood summers I spent keep popping up, and at one point I would be like "Hey does that Bakery Van still comes to the house!
They used to sell the Yummiest muffins & Za'atar mana2eeesh close to grannies house.

We used to play in the massive yard in front with my usual hang out: My bro & cousin Ali. We built our own houses out of junk, we lit tiny fires and buried ourselves in the chilly sand counting the star in a very clear night. These fairytales would be suddenly ruined by uncle Salman. The ultimate discipline commando in the family :P Drink Milk, Eat Veggies, wear shoes outside, Stay 10 meters away from the TV, don't run.. and the list goes on.

There was this time when I was in grade 6 practicing my Karate moves in front of Ali. I wanted him to feel jealous because of my Orange belt lol. Baaam, I guess he was too jealous to hit me right on my lip and it started bleeding a little. I forgot all about holding it up and staying focused and kept on crying. 6ab3an Ali never forgets that day and he keeps on reminding me about it. I wonder if I scared him by telling Uncle Salman.

Although we are not the same 10 years old kids anymore. But when the time comes, we can be that no matter when or where.

I might sound like a person who lives heavily on the past. But I learned that as much as I remind myself that those days were good, it makes me positive that the future will be even better.

P.S I'm turning 22 in few days. Is it a YAY or NAY age!!