Friday, February 27, 2009

Long way to be Happy

A mouth stuffed with biscuits dipped into Vanilla tea & streams of happy tears while watching SATC movie for the second time in a row. How fabulous.

I'm kissing the most relaxing/Peaceful three weeks of my 2009 a goodbye. Back to work on Sunday. So not YAY :P

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tagged: Random Me

Thanx Maitha* for the tag, you a are the first my dearest *Blow ya a kiss*

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
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3. Write six random things about yourself.
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1. Well they say the first sentence of everything is the hardest. Let's skip it to the second & see if I recall something at the end, shall we ?

2. I'm a very very classic person. It is my dream to live in the 80's & 70's. Not the American one , no the Kuwaitie :P I love all the old musalsalat, I love their accent, their clothes & yeah their furniture * velvet sofas & the famous brown curtain um Warda*. I'm soooo fascinated by Khaligie oldies music as well. From Abdulkareem, to Abdu & Abu Baker Salim, I adore them all *'3baaaarrrrr*

3. I love gooogling everying. So it didn't come as a surprise for me to work as a development analyst. I get to google everything for the whole day. Today for instance I googled Disney Tokyo, Plaza Athenee & how to make the perfect summer Lemonade

4. I have the most familiar face on earth lol. I never met a person who didn't tell me you reminded me of other person they know.

5. When I was a lil kid, I was beaten down by my older brother on daily basis - owwwwiiii - think purple bruises over my face & teary eyes pictures. As we grew up, we came to realize as much as we hated each other, it got replaced by this indescribable love & resssspectt. Love Ya Barhooomiiiii

6. I love singing throughout the day, poor family & Salama. mallaw mn 9oooti ely magoool '3air enh kanareeee :P

I Tag:

The Sartorialist - Yeah Right :P
Elyy weddah ejaweb 7ayyah allah

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's

Regardless of your heart status. Here's for a beautiful Saturday :)

And to all the single ones out there : Hope you fall madly in love, same time next year.

I love Ya

Thursday, February 12, 2009

An Eye Opener

" You don't realize how precious the things you have until you lose them"

Have you ever seen that Friends episode when Ross thinks he was gun Shot while he was riding the police car? where he suddenly understand the meaning of life & sees everything differently.

urrrgh I hate to admit it, but Yes I miss work. I miss me constantly trying to impress them & juggle between my social life & them. I was depressed after uni grad, I became more depressed when I started working. And now it's been a week I'm resting at home after getting into an accident and I keep thinking of the amount of good work I would have been able to present if I was at work. It's really weird for a split second mis-happening, everything just stop. And it stopped for a reason, to show me that I had no right to be upset over going to work everyday and ironically learn something g new.

I even realized that those who you least expect a good deed from, turn out to be the one who stand up for you and help you adjust to that sudden change.

And you know what, I learned that no matter how old you become, your parents will never fail to parent you all over again. Feed you, change your clothes & make you awful-tasting-drinks for your pain to go away.

Here's to everyone who was there for me through it all. You all know yourselves & I'm grateful for this eye opener. It showed me what a real gem you are.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Ah I'm in the mood for a beach, a totally empty beach & Abdu's voice echoing 3ala el bal. Perhaps My hair left open for the breeze to play with it

Thanks god for the sweeeeetest dream today. I so longed for that

Monday, February 9, 2009


Is it really a type of nostalgia that I remember very tiny details happened a year ago, or that is just a plain mental disorder of Not wanting to let go of these nice memories. And how can I not remember when I'm typing this post while listening to my favorite heart-moving song: Ra3ni by Abdullkareem Abdul Qader.

And speaking of mind reading, lol I mean off topic. I woke up today talking about Bahrain and wishing to go back one more time. Hours later, my brother said out of the blue: "Layla sho rayech we go to Bahrain for the weekend" oh my, I hope he holds that thought till we actually go there. This time I'll make sure to:
  • More & more mattay
  • Have dinner at Monsoon
  • Walk through Moda Mall properly
  • Get one of these exquesite pearl creations at Al Mahmoud
  • Al Hawaj perfume shopping & Jashanmall in the morning

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Wish to

  • get well soon
  • bring more joy to my less fortunate family members
  • find an alternative to that hobby
  • meet prince charming ASAP
  • eat healthy
  • make the yummiest pancakes for Salama
  • redecorate the house
  • get a BB & the whole photography equipment I've been postponing forever
  • finish watching Seinfeld, I know I took so long my friend ;)
  • Go out with my cousin more often
  • remember thanking god for everything
  • Be Happy x100000
AHA Moment: I realized my wishes are sort of things that need a push, going that extra mile of thinking, it's not so hard to make it actually happen minus the prince charming part obviously lol

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We *Heart* Marami

It's the newest eddition to the fashion industry. A girls' new BBF I must say. Why not! when Marami is promised to house high-end accossries we've been thriving to have in the country. From Lara Bohanic ahmaazing bracelets to Bando cutest head bands and even Carrie's infamous Eiffel tower clutch.

Until they open their first store at the giant The Dubai Mall , be the first to have a sneak peak at their collection on their facebook group Marami Online. They accept orders online too :D

Here's their FB description:

"Marami is a new high-end accessories concept bringing you the latest trends from all over the world including Dubai, Lebanon, Paris, London, New York, all the way to LA.

Marami believes in complementing your style with accessories be they jewelry, handbags, hair accessories, or scarves. We at Marami are dedicated to bringing you the jewels of brands that are hidden all over the world.

Opening soon at The Dubai Mall. Marami Online is pleased to provide you with online shopping service through facebook, to be shipped wherever you are in the world. We appreciate your patience as we update our Group with the details and pricing of our accessories.To order please send us an email at:"

Excited :D